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Player LFG Exalted 2E or 3E

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  • lycaniz
    started a topic Player LFG Exalted 2E or 3E

    Player LFG Exalted 2E or 3E

    As per title, i am looking for a group or ST for pretty much anything Exalted in either 2E or 3E
    I am Euro, wednesdays are off, i dont want to do play by post, but i dont care if it is text or voice based
    And while i prefer Lunars or Dragonblood or human, i am open for any splat.

    PM me or reply here!

    *crosses fingers*

  • The Despot
    I run an Exalted game 7-12 Friday night, EST. Don't think that time slot works for you but it is Lunars and it is voice. Just let me know, if yes I'll drop you more details.

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