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    So, I appreciate that asking to play in a game isn’t the most dignified way to go about it, but I am hoping to find a Demon: The Descent game where I can play as a gadgeteer. Not just someone who makes gadgets, but someone who analyzes gadgets for other Demons or makes gadgets to request in exchange for tangible rewards - someone once put it as playing a Demon style Goblin Market. It’s a character I have wanted to play for a long while, but thus far I have had no luck in getting to play the gadgeteer aspect of the character to any real extent. Particular dream with this character is to build a scaled down TARDIS (no time travel at all) out of lambdas; durable shapeshifting exterior, bigger on the inside, move entire structure from point A to point B through some combination of Decoy (from Interface) and another exploit that could convey movement.

    If anyone has a game or knows a game that could do with this kind of character, preferably a game that doesn’t run past 9pm PST or on Fridays, then I’d appreciate it. I will need a couple of weeks to get my schedule set so it’ll let me have those days reliably off, since my schedule is very, very random.

    I honestly don’t expect to get flooded with game notifications, but I figured that posting this here would be better than nothing. Thanks for reading, and have a good day.