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Recruitment for PBP Exalted 3rd Solar game

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  • Recruitment for PBP Exalted 3rd Solar game

    I'm looking to start up a 3-4 player solar exalted pbp game, welcoming of all experience levels and playstyles! Starting at Essence 1 you will find yourselves in a kingdom in decline. Ruthless officials exploit the land and people for the realm, growing fat off the sweat of the people. Bandits and tax collectors wear the same skins while monsters terrorize helpless villages. The people whisper that the noblesse consort with wicked forces and fear the night.
    Dark times besige the kingdom, it's people praying for deliverance.

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      Likewise interested. What sort of PCs do you have in mind?


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        Another? Sure. Any more information on this location you can share?


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          Never had a chance to player 3e Exalted, but I would also be interested

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            I am interested.


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              Well, that's five players when you were looking for 3-4 Balancer12, is that an issue? If not, I'd kinda like to see if we could do a Perfect Circle, one of each caste. I'm pretty sure I could come up with a concept I would like to play for any caste. Thoughts?


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                I have a night caste I've been wanting to do since I first read the 2e abyssal book. I also have a dawn if the shoat of the mire's identical twin sister doesn't pass muster.


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                  Thanks for the interest everyone, I'll post up game details in a few days as work allows and start selecting players. To keep this manageable I will be closing applications in two weeks and choose players after that. If you can please post an outline for character concept one I've posted game details that will help me in the decision process


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                    This concept has a lot of parts that can be changed to accommodate needs;

                    She's been going by the name Blank Canvas for the last several months, since that's as far back as she can clearly remember. What she does know is that some point after her Exaltation she was captured by a Rakasha, and brainwashed into believing she was a fae created to impersonate an exalt. She believed her anima and charms were a combination of mutations and evocations granted by a living artifact she wore. That artifact being the Rakasha who brainwashed her, and who acted as a kind of guide, often reinforcing the brainwashing.

                    I figure the Rakasha has been killed, either by one of the other PCs or by Canvas herself, and she has it's corps as a (much lessened) artifact.

                    The Rakasha's plan was to have her marry into a powerful household and use Ecstatic Reproduction Style to 'birth' a number of fae who would pose as non-fae, setting the stage for a later Balorian Crusade.

                    If the setting has Dragon-Blooded in a position of power in the area then the exaltation the Rakasha was trying to mimic would be a Wood Aspect, otherwise it would be whatever makes sense in the region.

                    In terms of caste I'm leaning Eclipse or Twilight, though the social aspect of the character could as easily imply Zenith. It wouldn't exactly be out of place as Dawn or Night though, so it's pretty open. That's part of why I would try to shape the skill set to round-out the group.

                    I figure she's out to learn her past, and may use the kind of 'infiltrate the powerful' angle just to gain more ways of learning clues and to shape society toward her values. She feels lost without a past, and thus is likely to want to support social issues that re-enforce family and community. This won't be immediately apparent, because she's still something of a social climber by nature and training.

                    Alternatively, she could have been brainwashed by a neomata to similar ends.

                    The character would probably use seduction and social influence, which causes me to ask about what limits there might be in the group's play style and comfort level. Do we want to mark off anything as out-of-bounds?
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                      I've been kicking this character around for a while, here's her third edition incarnation's backstory:

                      In the Far East, in the territory near the shadowland known as the Noss Fens, there are a number of villages where the native tongue is not Forest-Tounge but rather Old Realm. This is not because they have somehow kept that ancient tongue intact, rather it is because the Dowager of the Irreverent Vulgate in Unrent Veils teaches Old Realm to them every generation and harshly punishes any deviation from what she deems correct. Hope's Last Gasp is from one of those villages, and she is thusly one of the Dowager's “children”.

                      Her early life was pleasant enough, she had both parents as well as an older brother and an identical twin sister. She learned her chores and enjoyed herself as most children do.

                      Then the Dowager came. The entire village was captured, and the Dowager made the children watch as their parents and older loved ones were turned into soulsteel trinkets. Then they were forced to give up their names to the neverborn. Thus did Rose become Hope's Last Gasp.

                      Yet where there is life, there is hope, and Hope's Last Gasp can last for a very long time indeed. She learned and refined the art of not being heard, and not being seen. She memorized the location of her family's souls and the patrol routes of the guards. And then finally, she felt herself ready, and she snuck herself, her sister, and the cutlery that was her family's remains out of the Dowager's citadel.

                      She would have gotten away cleanly too, if she hadn't exalted at the tail end of her escape. Becoming a giant glowing beacon of golden light tends to give your location away. In the ensuing chaos, she got away, but her sister died to the arrows of the guards. She found herself guided by past life memories and intuition to a safe house demense, and cried herself to sleep.

                      When she woke in the morning, she was filled with resolve to retrieve her sister's remains. But instead found her sister had become the Shoat of the Mire. Anguished, she ran away, first just to get away, but eventually she changed her purpose to finding someone who could help her get her sister away from the Dowager. Her first companion was a cat that basically adopted her.

                      In time, her wanderings west across the great eastern forest she eventually found a man willing to teach her methods of self defense. Although she did not know it, the demense she had used as a safe house had been claimed by a sidereal, who saw potential in her and took her as a student once he was satisfied she would be able to take care of herself.

                      Once the old man had taught her as much as he could of the Ebon Shadow Style of martial arts, he guided her to a group of exalts who he believed able to help her in her task.


                      I also have a non martial artist version. Mechanically she's a supernal stealth night caste. If you don't like her, I also have a melee supernal dawn.


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                        I find myself wondering how old the character is Aranfan.


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                          Identical twin sister of the Shoat of the Mire. So 8 or 9.
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                            Aw! Chibi-night!


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                              Doot de do, waiting for storyteller post...