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[Discord] [PBP] City of Crossings, a Multi-Line Chronicle

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  • [Discord] [PBP] City of Crossings, a Multi-Line Chronicle

    For a city with such an active nightlife, Hamilton was always eerily quiet around midnight. Fog always crept along the streets, be it in the summer or freezing winter, as if everything and everyone was holding their breath briefly… Only for it all to pass.
    Something howls at the moon. The rhythmic beat of heavy music reverbs out of clubs. In a large tower, men continue to work through the night on their newest technological toy, while hidden underneath a condemned house, an alchemist's brew turns lead into gold. A man without a pulse visits his 'old friend' for yet another dose of red relief from his constant hunger. A child looks out of their window, staring in wonder at the fairies dancing across the sky. As our angels arrive to safeguard our very souls, the clock hands move forward again.
    And like that, the City of Crossings continues, past another night. What will happen when it forgets to hold its breath, or keeps holding it?

    Welcome to the recruitment thread of the City of Crossings! We are a multi-gameline Old World of Darkness chronicle set within the fictional city of Hamilton, Massachusetts, using the 20th Anniversary Rules where ever possible.. A hotbed for all kinds of supernatural activity, many feel themselves drawn towards it - even those that deny the supernatural altogether.
    Our Play-By-Post Discord Server allows you, the players, to dictate your own goals, work towards them with others, and try to thwart another's goals if they interfere with yours. As a chronicle driven heavily by player agency, we will work with you to tell the stories you've always thought about.
    In the City of Crossings, you may take the role of a Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Changeling or Mage. We will provide you with ample assistance to create your character as you envision them, to make sure the mechanics of the games serve to enhance and augment your concepts, not stand in their way. In one way or another, your character will be a new, recent arrival in the city.
    Multiple NPC Factions are present within Hamilton - while the Etherites repel an assault by the Technocracy, a nearby warehouse might have the final showdown of a group of Sabbat shovelheads and a new coterie thrown together by the Prince. It is up to you how you interact with them, and if you can fix or deepen the many wounds and mistakes throughout the city.

    Join us on, or ask your questions right here if you'd rather get some more details that interest you first.
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