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Twin Cities by Night is looking for 2 new members!

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  • Twin Cities by Night is looking for 2 new members!

    Hello folks,

    One common question we are asked at Twin Cities by Night is “How can I get into one of your games?” to which we always reply, “We have an application process when we do”.

    Well guess what, we are now not only looking for one person to join the Twin Cities by Night gang, but we are looking for two new people!

    What does that entail? First, you will need to join our official Twin Cities by Night Discord server where you will be directed to an application and the process to fill it out. On March 31st, 2020 we will start to decide which two candidates will be selected.

    If you are selected that means you are part of the TCBN gang. This means you have a vote equal to everyone else’s as to what occurs with the podcast, and will be able to play in any of the chronicles or ones shots we have, everything from World of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Eclipse Phase, Exalted, 13th Age or a ton of other games.

    We are looking for people who have the same vision, and heart that we have for when it comes to podcasting. We do this because we are pals who like to play games together. We aren’t trying to become rock stars, but we want to share out stories with the world so you will need to be okay with being recorded and it being shared.

    We look forward to seeing the applications!

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