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Recruiting 1-2 players for a Changeling the Lost 2E game

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  • Recruiting 1-2 players for a Changeling the Lost 2E game

    Hey all,

    I am running a few different Chronicles of Darkness PbP games over on the Giants in the Playground Forum (I was aware of this forum long before I knew about this one . The game is set in New Orleans and uses the content for NOLA provided by the core book. The game has been going for about a year and a half now, but due to turn over and the recent forum freeze we have about 1-2 slots for players who would want to jump in.

    By night, NOLA has the largest Changeling population of any city in America, if not the world. This is partly thanks to the reach of Tumbledown Market extending trods into cities far outside of New Orleans. However, New Orleans is also known as the safest city for The Lost. This safety is thanks to the "Hallow' Eve Contract", created between the leaders of all four Freeholds and The City itself. The Contract makes it significantly harder for all True Fae and other supernaturals to exist within New Orleans, though none others than the Freehold leaders know the cost of such a contract. However, things are never as they seem, and not everything is majesty and fancy for The Changelings of The Big Easy.

    The players have been roped into a mystery revolving around this "Hallow's Eve Contract" and must discover what is truly happening before Halloween Night!

    If you are interested, please take a look at the recruitment thread here.