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  • Online Mage the Ascension 20th - Looking for Players

    Time? Central European Time, Evening, during the week (Which would be early morning for US players).
    Language? English

    Since we are all cooped up at home during this pandemic, I am hosting a quarantine campaign of sorts. It's supposed to last for the length of the pandemic and balance the personal stories of the characters with a larger backdrop.

    How well do I need to know the setting/rules? Not at all. We build the characters together, in a dynamic fashion, as we play. You can go into your first session without a clue, without prep, and hopefully have a blast. Never even played an RPG before? Be welcome! Some of the best games I GMed (as in where everybody had the most fun) were with complete newbies.

    How frequently will we play? I am going with a hyper-dynamic approach. Players can drop-out and come back in at any time. I am going to play (roughly) once a week, with the exact dates up for negotiation with the players. There is a minimal amount of commitment involved. Skip sessions, or just show up once a month, just as you like. On the other hand I am going to be darwinistic about it. Your computer crashes? Nobody will wait for you. You are afk? The game will go on. You are late? No worries, take your time, but the group is starting without you. There won't be any in-game consequences. Your character won't die. It's just that your personal story won't go on as long as you don't sit down to play.

    When is it going to start? At the first date I have three players for.

    What do I need? A solid home-office setup. We are talking a working headset, a working webcam, a reliable internet connection, a computer that can run for a couple of hours without crashing horribly. An open mind. You do not need any rulebooks or such things.

    Can I play tradition XYZ? Is X allowed? Which rulebooks do we use? No, no, and none. We are going to start with blank sheets of paper. We are going to introduce the rules one at a time. Otherwise this will start with four hours of rules discussion and I don't want to. I am houseruling the character progression (no XP, no beats) with a custom system involving time investment and scheduling. The game will be much more RP than crunch though. No sifting through lists of merits and flaws, no agonizing over your point budget. Otherwise I will stick as closely as I can to the Mage 20th rules. Don't like it? Pity. Sounds like fun? Excellent.
    Many paths will be available to you, but you are all starting at the same point. See below.

    Is there anything else I need to be aware of? Yes. Since we are all playing with strangers on the internet, we are going to play by the Code of Conduct "Be excellent to each other". Violators will be banned from my game. Furthermore we will play with an X-Card (

    What tools are we going to use? Still on the fence, open for suggestions. I'm going to default to Roll20 probably. Maybe with a different option for chat, if it proves unreliable.

    So what will the campaign be like? Hermetic Hogwarts. You are German Abiturienten (High School graduates, basically) who are starting university. You all have a minor supernatural quirk that manifested with your Awakening. You have been offered a free ride stipend at a private university in Frankfurt. A front for the Order of Hermes. You will be able to drift off into another tradition though, this is just the starting point. The game will be a mixture between The Magicians, the Nevernight Chronicles, and good old fashioned World of Darkness atmosphere. Oh and since I am German, you get to explore Germany a bit.

    Any more questions? Just ask!

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