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Online Game - Scion: Philadelphia and the Gods

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  • Online Game - Scion: Philadelphia and the Gods

    Due to the pandemic, I'm taking my usual Sunday pickup game online. And since a whole bunch of other people are in the same boat, I figured I'd list it here.

    The Basic Pitch: Philadelphia is a city with a problem. It labors under a curse that spawns dragons and attracts a variety of other Legendary threats. The scions of Philadelphia have gathered in an organization called the Pythian Congress, a town-hall meeting for Heroes. When trouble pops up, the Congress forms a Committee that goes and tries to solve the problem. Every week, we have a new problem, and a new Committee formed from the city's large pool of scions.

    What System?: Scion 2nd edition. I've made a couple of setting rules to make it work better with the one-shot format. No experience is needed -- The character sheets are comprehensive, and the basic rules fairly easy to understand. On the digital side, we'll be using Roll20, possibly with Discord for audio. I'm not sure how Roll20's audio and video work, so I have to sort that out before I commit to those details.

    Can I Bring My Own Character? Yes and no. The game functions on a common pool of characters, so you don't get to bring "your" character in. That said, you're more than welcome to add a character to the pool. I'm having those submitted to me so I can vet them, and then I'll put them in the character collection. Any pantheon is welcome, though right now we've got a lot of Orisha and Theoi.

    When Will We Be Playing? 12:30-5:30 pm CST on Sunday afternoons. I live in Saskatchewan where we don't have daylight savings, so remember to adjust for that.

    How Do I Join? Respond to this thread or PM me, and I'll let you know the details.