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    Just about got Vince finished up.

    Patreon | He/His Pronouns | Currently writing: Tome of the Pentacle (OPP), The Hedge (OPP)

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      Meet Ady Hart, an aspiring musician in her bones, and a Drinker Cahalith in her blood.

      Ady Hart is easily dismissed. She's nothing special or unique by the looks of her, which reads townie to the tourists and transplants, and Madison county farm girl to the locals. But the moment she parts her lips to smile or sing, her audience goes quiet and leans in. They don't know what it is about her voice, but the way a soft note drops to a guttural growl fixes them to the spot. When the song is done, embarrassment kicks in, and the crumpled bills line her guitar case.

      But when the smile ends...

      Ady's a light in the darkness, but it wasn't until the Change that she could let it shine. The free spirit as a youth hit a wall in adulthood, and she let it crush her. Only when the wolf came out did she find new fuel for her flames. Now she doesn't let anyone boss her around, and is determined to make use of the gifts she's got, no matter which side of the family she gets them from.

      Adelaide "Ady Hart" Hartzinger, Aspiring Musician
      Drinkers of the Well
      Blood: Challenger
      Bone: Artist (reskinned Hedonist)
      Very social and creative (high Presence and Expression)
      Crafty with farm equipment
      Tough, but not physically skilled
      Touchstones: The Gig (physical, she benefits while she has a performance or social event lined up), spiritual is yet to be determined
      Trigger: Broken Word. Passive: an explicit agreement with Ady is broken. Common: Ady is made aware someone breaking their deal with her. Specific: Ady witnesses the deal breaking.

      All of this is the rough outline, Trigger and Touchstone need some workshopping.

      LFP: Foreign Bodies (Deviant: the Renegades)