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[via Discord] Deviant: Foreign Bodies

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  • [via Discord] Deviant: Foreign Bodies

    Play Location/Method: Online, voice via Discord
    Game/System: Deviant: The Renegades (Kickstarter preview), in the Chronicles of Darkness
    Player or GM? Looking for players
    Time/Frequency: Up to twice a month, 4 hours a session, on weekends (starting around 12 PM PST/GMT-8)
    Genre: Horror, Urban Fantasy
    Current needs: Players (between 2-4)
    Accept Drop-In Players? No.
    Accept Spectators? Yes.
    Short description of the setting/campaign: There are conspiracies out there, just not the ones you heard of. You’re living proof of mad science, demonic possession, and alien abductions, and you’re only the prototype. If you don’t stop them, who knows how far they will go? You are a Deviant, and a renegade at that, and if you can’t get justice, you’ll revel in vengeance. Threat Level 2.

    You're the failed experiment hellbent on revenge. Come and get it.
    You're the expendable platform of an invasive military weapons system burrowing into your spinal cord. Stand and fight.
    You're the earthly prison of the Terrible Red God, and He does your bidding until he kills you. Revel.

    Deviants are the victims of inhuman experiments of science and magic, empowered and afflicted by the energies unleashed by a cracked soul. The self-styled secret masters of the world want your powers for their own ends, and give no thought your survival, your sanity, or your soul if they should succeed. They will try to capture you if they can, and destroy you if they can't. The constant battle for freedom and revenge, for survival and for love, threatens to tear you apart. Well, into more pieces, anyway.

    The game I want to run is pretty straightforward: a handful of Deviants come together to protect its members, secure its allies, and destroy its enemies. This isn't some secret society in the shadows, it's an urban guerrilla war against exploitative and paranoid institutions with no love of humanity. I'm taking inspiration from X-Files, X-Com, Lovecraft Country, and Control, but players design their enemies as part of the game. Games will be via Discord, unless a better option presents itself. No fascists allowed, and if that stirs anything but a hearty "fuck yeah," don't bother.

    Reply here, I'll be around.

    LFP: Foreign Bodies (Deviant: the Renegades)

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    This game is now filled up!

    LFP: Foreign Bodies (Deviant: the Renegades)