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    I'm looking for any online Mage games, who do not mind Ecstatics, or LGBT mages. I already have a decent understanding of the game, and a few character concepts in mind. My ideal is co-operative games, seeing as I loathe backstabbing politics-focused games.

    My Time Zone is EST. And my preferred hours are whenever on the weekends, and on Weekdays after 3pm.
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    I recommend revising the original post with desired playtimes with the appropriate time zone you are in.

    Check out to see if there's something like Ascension Con going on--as conventions move to online gaming there are more opportunities to play and you might meet some people you'd want to play with regularly before making a major commitment.

    Oh, and there's a Mage character thread that needs new characters if you want to run some of the character ideas by the rest of the forum members for some feedback.

    Hope you find some good people to play with!