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Recruiting for "soft reboot" of my Mage: the Awakening 2E PBP game

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  • Recruiting for "soft reboot" of my Mage: the Awakening 2E PBP game

    I previously ran a Mage: the Awakening 2E play-by-post game here on the Onyx Path forums, with the chronicle named "The Supernal Suburbia". It ran successfully for almost 2 years, but became inactive due to personal issues and work obligations on my part that prevented me from actively dedicating enough time to keep the game moving.

    I am now attempting to restart the chronicle, and because almost all of the original players are either MIA or have bowed out, I am going to use the same setting and most of the same NPCs but we are doing a "soft reboot" of the chronicle. The story will begin soon after the "Deathstorm" that is described in the introductory post of the OOC thread; the players will be recently Awakened (all within the past few weeks in game time), but will have already formed the cabal and joined their respective Orders (Pentacle mages only, please).

    We have 2 players lined up, and I am looking for 2-4 more. If you are interested, please go to the existing OOC thread and pitch a character concept. I am looking for players who are friendly, welcoming, flexible, and creative. First-time players are just as welcome as veterans of the game setting. Recruitment is not strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis; if there are more submissions than I have openings, I will pick players whose submissions seem to mesh best with the setting and who seem to best demonstrate the personality traits noted above.

    I'm not even looking for character sheets or stats yet, although you're welcome to post those if desired. More importantly, I'm looking for details about your character concept, including sympathetic and Shadow names, Path, Order, Legacy (if you have one in mind), Virtue/Vice, and brief narrative summary of the character, taking into consideration how your background may fit into the greater Mysteries described in my introductory posts on the OOC thread. If you do decide to draft a full character sheet, please follow all standard character creation rules, with the following exception: You will begin at Gnosis 2 for free, but you cannot sacrifice merit points to purchase higher starting Gnosis. Use the merit points to instead better reflect the character concept you have created.

    Let me know if anyone has questions, and post on the OOC thread if you would like to be considered for the game!

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