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Livestream Mortal Campaign and possibly other splats

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  • Livestream Mortal Campaign and possibly other splats

    Play Location/Method: Discord, PST Timezone.
    Game/System: Chronicles of Darkness 2e w/ other splats to later come
    Player or GM? I am the Storyteller
    Time/Frequency: Every Sunday evening 6:30pm PST
    Genre: modern-day conspiracy horror
    Current needs: Spectators
    Accept Drop-In Players? Possible in the future
    Accept Spectators? Yes!
    Short description of the setting/campaign:
    Our crew of three players have just had their eyes opened to the supernatural and are on a journey West to find answers for what has happened to them in Philly. Three normal everyday people are finding out that there is a hidden world behind our own and the monsters of legends exist.

    Hi everyone,

    I have been a fan of World of Darkness since at least 2000 and have always loved reading the corebooks and their supplements for their story. The events of the pandemic have given me a lot of free time and upon searching youtube and twitch I realized there was little to no Chronicles of Darkness games out there to watch. Watching LA by night gave me the final push to jump out of my comfort zone and give being the storyteller a shot. I grabbed a few friends and we gave a four session game a shot to get a little bit of experience with the system and the rules. It went great and everyone had a good time and it inspired me to give a live show a shot. That brings us to why I am posting here now. I want to create the content I was looking for and maybe even inspire others to put their campaigns out in the public domain for others to enjoy.
    While yes, I am here to promote myself a bit, what I would really like is to gather some spectators who are experienced in the game. I want to do justice to the game I have loved for so long and would love any feedback and suggestions for becoming a better storyteller. We are two episodes in and would love to have all of you watch!
    We are continuing this Mortal story as it's the easiest to get a hang of the rules but would be open to start a brand new splat or evolve into another.

    Here is the Twitch Channel we perform on every week Sunday 6:30pm PST
    If you cannot make Sundays then the videos will always be posted to Youtube here:
    Lastly, if you want to join the community I have my discord channel for easy interaction: