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[Scion 2e Game] Five Senses, Four Horsemen

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  • [Scion 2e Game] Five Senses, Four Horsemen

    Hey everyone! I'm looking at running a short campaign of Scion 2e(roughly 5 sessions) starting Thursday 18th of March 2021 at 5PM EST
    Here's the quick cap for it;

    "December 31st 2019, America watching as the new year ball begins to drop before suddenly the signal is hijacked. It looked like a garage film, wherein a single man wearing a sheep mask introduced his four friends; the four horsemen.

    How many people scoffed at the show? However many it was, grew fewer and fewer as 2020 rolled on. Maybe they really are the four horsemen? If so, was 2020 the apocalypse? Or could someone take down these new horsemen before things truly get out of hand?

    A game of logic and brutal combat. The children of the gods have to fight against those who might even be their cousins, in a cosmic sense. Perfect if you love puzzle horrors such as Saw, or Villainous Troop anime arcs."

    Feel free to message me if you're interested.

    ​Hope everyone has a good month,