I am looking for fellow players and an ST for Promethean 2e. I would strongly prefer playing via Discord text PBP, though I could probably work with a forum-run game. I sadly don't have the time for voice stuff.

I'm really eager to explore Promethean 2e with a group and ST; I'd probably prefer a modern setting, though I don't have a lot of location preferences. I probably lean more toward Frankenstein, Tammuz, or Unfleshed in terms of Lineage---though I also kind of want to do a nuclear Extempore (tl;dr 2e Zeky are kind of a huge crazy hassle, but 2e's presentation of their themes is cool enough that I want to still dig into them) in the case of an ST who's down with that.

If anyone interested happens to have locations or other things in mind, I'm all ears!