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[Recruitment/World-Building] Liberty City By Night-A VTM/WTA Play By Post Chronicle

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  • [Recruitment/World-Building] Liberty City By Night-A VTM/WTA Play By Post Chronicle

    Hey guys, I have an idea that I had discussed on /tg/ and now am going to flesh out some more. It's a little unconventional, but bear with me, I'm sure you guys will enjoy it.

    The setting, as one can judge from the title, is the metropolis of Liberty City from the classic 2001 video game Grand Theft Auto III. It is a crossover of the Classic World of Darkness and the 3D Universe of Grand Theft Auto, and is a dark adventure-oriented chronicle that is still very much a work in progress....

    The main gamelines in play will be Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse, specifically the 20th Anniversary Editions in terms of mechanics and rules but in terms of themes, mood, and setting is more like a mix of First Edition and Second Edition, and much less like Revised Edition.

    Some things to know about Liberty City by Night that I have established so far....
    • Nothing that is mentioned in the metaplot happened in any way, shape, or form. The Gangrel are still in the Camarilla, the Stargazers are still in the Garou Nation, and the Ravnos are still around as a major clan. There was no Red Star, no Avatar Storm, and definitely no Week of Nightmares. As a consequence, we will be using very little material from Revised Edition. In all honesty, the Revised Edition metaplot is very railroady, extremely intrusive, overly dependent on Gehenna/The Apocalypse, and confusing to new players, combining that with my personal dislike of metaplot in general, it has been excised.
    • The following Revised Gamelines do not exist: Kindred of the East, Demon The Fallen, Hunter The Reckoning, and Mummy The Resurrection. In other words, Fallen, Imbued, Kuei-Jin, and Amenti do not exist at all, East Asia is dominated by Cainites (but not the Camarilla and Sabbat), and the Abrahamic God is not confirmed to exist in this WoD, nor is the Abrahamic creation myth objectively true, the actual origin and cosmology of this interpretation of the Classic World of Darkness is much more ambiguous, as it was in First Edition.
    • In recent years, around 2005 or so, the Hakken have joined the Garou Nation and left the Beast Courts of Asia.
    • Changeling: The Dreaming is non-canon, but a Classic WoD version of Changeling: The Lost takes its place instead, but the Changelings themselves are NPC only.
    • Mage: The Ascension is 100% canon to this chronicle and there will be Mage NPC's. Wraith: The Oblivion and the humorous fan-game Senshi: The Merchandising are semi-canon to this chronicle in a broad strokes sort of way. Wraith is notoriously difficult to incorporate NPC's into the other gamelines, so it is broad strokes semi-canon. Senshi is made semi-canon partly as a joke, and partly to meet the dark humor and irreverence of the Grand Theft Auto series, particularly the 3D Universe games (GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, and Liberty City Stories)
    • The main focus will be on Vampires, Werewolves, and Mortals, but Mages, Changelings, Wraiths, and Senshi may appear as NPC's in some form or another.
    The following books and source material are used as reference and are divided into categories in order of most important to play to least important, but still useful to know.

    Required to Play
    • Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition
    • Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition
    Not Required, but Extremely Useful
    • Destiny's Price
    • The Hunters Hunted I
    • The Hunters Hunted II
    • World of Darkness: Mafia
    • Ghouls: Fatal Addiction
    • The Inquisition
    • Project Twilight
    • Mage: The Ascension 2nd Edition
    • Demon Hunter X
    • Player's Guide to the Sabbat
    • Storyteller's Guide to the Sabbat
    • Elysium: The Elder Wars
    Not Required, but Somewhat Useful
    • Wraith the Oblivion 2nd Edition
    • Changeling The Lost 1st Edition nWoD
    • Senshi The Merchandising Revised Edition
    • Chicago By Night 1st Edition (not as a setting, but as a guide to Camarilla politics and unlife)
    • Montreal By Night (not as a setting, but as a guide to Sabbat politics, spirituality, and unlife)
    • The Anarch Cookbook
    • Mind's Eye Theatre: Laws of the Night Revised (for how the Influences background will work in my game)
    • Mind's Eye Theatre: Laws of the Hunt Revised (for a full guide to the Espionage and Military Influence backgrounds)
    • Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand (Don't worry, Soul Eaters and the Tal'mahe'Ra won't appear in this game! But it's an underrated book in my opinion and has great guidelines for mysterious conspiracies and Elder-Level games, much like Elysium: The Elder Wars does)
    Rules and Guidelines
    • This is a Play By Post Chronicle for Vampires and Werewolves set in the fictional metropolis of Liberty City, expect NPC's to appear both from the GTA series source material, and from my own creations.
    • Players are expected to be either neonate vampires embraced within the last 25 years or Rank 1 Garou having just finished the First Change and the Rites of Passage
    • All 13 major Vampire Clans are playable (including the Antitribbu), as are all four major sects (Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarchs, and Independents), but certain bloodlines are only playable with prior approval from the Storyteller, those bloodlines are as follows: Caitiff/Pander, Samedi, Daughters of Cacophony, Kiasyd, Baali, Salubri Antitribbu, Old Clan Tzimisce, Bushi, and Children of Osiris. Again, I prefer if you pick a standard clan, but if you have a really damn good concept for a character that belongs to one of the aforementioned bloodlines, then let me know ahead of time and we'll see if it we can work it out.
    • On the subject of Bushi and Old Clan Tzimisce, the Bushi (originally from Dark Alliance: Vancouver,) use the following disciplines to make them compatible with V20. and those disciplines are Celerity, Auspex, and Valeren. Although Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand was mentioned as low-tier reference material, Old Clan Tzimisce is not so much affiliated with the Tal'mahe'Ra but instead are either Independent or much more rarely, Camarilla.
    • As for Werewolf, all 13 Garou Tribes plus the Hakken are playable, as are all three breeds (Homid is strongly encouraged over Metis and Lupus, but you can play any breed you want). Human Kinfolk are also playable as allies to the Garou. Fera are not playable, neither are Ronin, Black Spiral Dancers, or any of the Lost Tribes (White Howlers, Croatoan, Bunyip).
    • Mortals are also playable with ST approval, and can be a ghoul, kinfolk, or hunter. The following mortal hunter organizations are in play for Mortal NPC's and ST-approved Mortal players: Society of Leopold, FBI Special Affairs Department, NSA, Arcanum, Shih, Pentex, The Young Bloods. Material on all of these hunter groups can be found in The Hunters Hunted I, The Hunters Hunted II, Demon Hunter X, Freak Legion, and the various Year of the Hunter books.
    • All standard forum rules apply
    • We will be using the MET rules for the Influence background, dividing influences up into several spheres of influence, They are Bureaucracy, Church, Finance, Health, High Society, Industry, Legal, Media, Occult, Police, Politics, Street, Transportation, Underworld, University, Espionage, Military.
    • This is my first chronicle I have ever actually run for Classic World of Darkness and the first play-by-post game I have ever run as well, so bear that in mind when I run this and world-build.
    Okay, we've got the basics out of the way, so now I am going to go to world-building and setting background in my next post. But for now, I'm going to get some lunch and relax for a while.

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    Time for some world-building.....

    Liberty City: The Mortal Perspective

    Liberty City, founded in the early 17th Century by European settlers, is a city of over nine million people in the combined metropolitan area. It consists of three boroughs and a locality that is part of the greater metro area. These four districts are Portland Island (Industrial district), Staunton Island (Commercial district), Shoreside Vale (Residential district), and Liberty County (Rural dependent district). Unusual for a city of its size, the cost of living in Liberty City is relatively low for a major city (the rural towns of Liberty County are even cheaper), but the metro area overall is plagued by poverty, insanely high levels of violent crime, and massive corruption. The current mayor is Miles O'Donovan, who has held office since 1998, as the state had abolished term limits for city and county-level officials.

    Liberty City has the following cities as sister cities...

    Beirut, Lebanon
    Mogidishu, Somalia
    Detroit, Michigan
    Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
    Roanapur, Thailand
    Corleone, Sicily

    In 2001, Liberty City was voted as "The Worst Place in America" by Forbes Magazine.

    Liberty City: The Kindred Perspective

    Liberty City has always been a Camarilla domain and one of the biggest Camarilla holdings in the Northeastern United States, ruled by powerful Kindred who vie for more and more power and influence. For many years, the Prince of Liberty City was a powerful Toreador named Santino "Sonny" Forelli, until his mysterious disappearance and assumed Final Death in 1986 in Vice City, Florida (he had arranged a Camarilla takeover of the traditionally Sabbat-held domains of Vice City, and although he had confirmed that his private train had reached Vice City, he was neither seen nor heard from again). In order to keep the various elders from backstabbing each other and possibly destabilizing the city, the Primogen council decided on a neutral party to become Prince. They selected a Ventrue ancilla named Carter Rockwell as Prince. Rockwell was barely a century old in his unlife and was easily manipulated by the various Primogen, particularly the two most powerful Kindred in the city, Salvatore Leone (the Malkavian Primogen) and Asuka Kasen (Tremere Primogen and head of the Tremere Chantry), leaving him a nervous wreck and a laughing stock among nearly all Kindred in Liberty City.

    In 1998, the Sabbat launched a crusade to take Liberty City, and had even convinced several ancillae to defect to the Sabbat, most notably the Tremere Kazuki Kasen and the Toreador Franco Forelli (childer of Prince Sonny Forelli himself) but the crusade was thwarted by the efforts of Salvatore Leone and his Brujah ally Toni Cipriani. The Sabbat Bishop in charge of the crusade, Paulie Sindacco, was assumed killed in the conflict along with the two defectors, but while it was verified that Kazuki Kasen and Franco Forelli did indeed meet Final Death, Paulie Sindacco was only confirmed to be in torpor, and may still be at large.

    The Anarchs never held much presence in Liberty City until around 2006, when Rockwell attempted to gain leverage on the Primogen council by inviting several coteries of Anarch neonates into Liberty County and the Shoreside Vale district of Liberty City. However, this backfired as the Anarchs in question refused to fight for what they perceived not only as an authority figure, but a phony one at that. However, they did accept the holdings of turf that Rockwell handed over to them. Salvatore Leone wished to remove Rockwell from power following this incident, and several Primogen backed him, but Asuka Kasen and the Tremere stood up to protect Rockwell and his seat of authority. Not out of any sympathy or support, mind you, but out of sheer pragmatism and wanting to delay a Camarilla civil war within Liberty City.

    Now it is 2014. In a brazen nighttime raid, a Sabbat pack led by Paulie Sindacco himself annihilated Rockwell's haven and diablerized the weak Prince and officially declared a second Sabbat crusade to take Liberty City. Now Liberty City is without a Prince, the Primogen Council is forced to either work together or fall to the Sabbat, and the Anarchs and Independents in Liberty City simply shrug and hole up in their havens, biding their time and playing both the Camarilla and Sabbat against each other while they lay claim to the city as well,

    Liberty City: The Garou Perspective

    The Garou have always held caerns and septs in the rural forests and mountains surrounding Liberty City for centuries, and even have a sept in Liberty County. However, given the large presence of vampires in Liberty City proper combined with the massive Pentex facilities in Liberty City, and the small numbers of Garou within Liberty County, the sept never dared invade Liberty City until now. Several packs of Garou have come to Liberty City and Liberty County to wage a great war against the area's vampires in addition to the Pentex assets in the city as well. They have yet to fully organize into full-fledged septs and caerns, but are now getting ready to take action and purge the forces of the Wyrm from Liberty City once and for all.

    Next, I will post the backstories for the major NPC's, starting with the Toreador and Malkavians. That will probably come tomorrow as I am heading to bed now.


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      Originally posted by AkatsukiLeader13 View Post
      I'm a bit interested but I don't have MET for those Background rules. Would it be possible for you to PM me those rules or post them here just so I know them?
      I can post them, it's been a while since I've been on Onyx Path, but I can easily resume this game.


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        The game is temporarily postponed until I can resolve some personal issues in my life, once they are resolved, I will resume work on this chronicle.


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          This was already done in San Andreas Multiplayer.