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    How personal horror it is? I mean, I prefer NWoD's atmosphere in general to things what can happen in CWoD if it is not run as as strictly personal horror (unless it's M20, but it's not covered here).

    “I am absolute, I am perfect, I am supreme. I shall be eternal. My tragedy, is that there is no other fate for me. My powerlessness was that I couldn’t subjugate my journey to the gods, while dreaming of rebirth at the end of distant time, like other pharaohs.” Ramesses II, Fate/Prototype: Argent Fragments.


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      I recommend anyone looking for seriously thoughtful and entertaining RP to try this out. Respect is fundamental, Gotham feels very much like a quality tabletop/larp group given different media.

      The sanctioning process can be difficult, but with good reason. Every character goes through it and the result is that there are no shallow or unbelievable characters in this world.
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