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[Looking for Group] W:tF2 just came out guys! How big of a deal is this, eh? Eh?

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    I'm in for sure! I'll post more thoughts when I'm less sick, but I would e equally content with a rural or urban setting that encourages the ties of pack and offers moral issues aplenty.


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      I think I would like to play a Mennina or a Calialith. Or maybe both? Will work on a concept today, post it here.


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        Just a quick flavor post for the character I've decided on. I'm holding off on a full background until we find out what Dusk wants us to include and if this type of of character is appropriate to the game setting.
        Violet Caravell Iron Master Irraka

        “Just cut through the alley between the Starbucks and the artisanal candle store, ride down the stairs and hang a left at the fountain sculpture. You'll beat any car by five minutes. Guaranteed.”

        Violet is part of the city. Her bicycle streaks through the streets and alleys like a half glimpsed ghost as she navigates shortcuts that even longtime residents are unaware of. Her face is known by the secretaries of small local offices and the security desks of huge office buildings and multinationals as she delivers packages from on to another. Even in her free time she travels the city, running, climbing, exploring, and watching. She's seen weird things before, things she convinced herself were perfectly normal but then the Change came on a night with no moon.

        Now her urban exploration has taken on a new urgency. She looks out for the weird. She knows that the pale people who receive night time packages through the service she works for probably aren't human. But neither is she. As fun as biking through the city was, as exciting as running through could be, neither compares to the thrill of racing through the shadows on four legs.


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          Quick notice guys: OOC discussion for all of us is here!


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            I'll put in a sketch of my character. Was thinking a Storm Lord Irraka but I might change that around since we already have an Irraka onboard.


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              Don't forget if we're going to have 6 or 7 people there will be overlap no matter what. ^^