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[Recruiting] Silence and Whispers - a new V:tM board

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  • [Recruiting] Silence and Whispers - a new V:tM board

    Have we really been that young? Look at the last posts for updated information, or just visit our new address:

    I am opening a new play-by-post board for Vampire: the Masquerade. The setting is in modern nights Turin, a city that has long been abandoned by Kindred after a series of accidents and disquieting phenomena that marked the Domain as cursed... The main focus is on occult, mystery and interaction; the game is mainly freeform, although we have sheets and rules as a backup. It is open to all clans and bloodlines - given the nature of the setting, you can only expect to find less than usual types. Please take a look to the site or send me a message for more information.
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    Just in case you're wondering, since the game is a sandbox people can join any time. So, yes, some plots are starting, but newcomers are welcome too.


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      Bumping after a while.


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        The game is active and still recruiting.


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          Is there any way to change a thread's title? After almost a year, I wouldn't say the board is exacly "new". It is, however, still looking for more good players - and it will always be!


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            We moved to a new address!

            Fresh blood always welcome.


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              Always open to new members.

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                Still unliving and kicking!