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    Vampire: On The Rocks

    Hey there White Wolf fans!

    Recently I've found that I really, desperately miss being able to play VTM, especially in the style to which I'm so accustomed. For years, the gameplay format I've participated in was one mostly focused on writing. It's a fantastic time being able to develop a character in such an in depth fashion, while also working with people who are doing the same thing and bouncing those insane WoD personalities off of one another. There has only been one active forum (that I know of), and that forum has recently become.. Well, fairly unlivable. In the spirit of keeping the fan girl-esque love I have for VTM going, I went ahead and created my own forum, based in the the Colorado area.

    We plan on playing a game involving the Sabbat, Camarilla, Anarchs, and Independents--whomever potential members would want to play. It's a brand new forum, and we're psyched to start building the community. If you love creative writing, VTM, and having the freedom to drive our game's plot, please check us out! Give us feedback! anything at all is appreciated, and don't hesitate to join or ask questions if you're interested [:


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    So is this like a play-by-post forum?

    Or are you hosting games over google hangouts?


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      Gonna need to refresh myself some, but I'll hammer out a character over the next couple days. Very professional looking forum, already a fan.


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        talltales , this is an actual play-by-post forum. It's not hosted live or anything like that.
        Touch_of_Sepia Look forward to seeing you there, if I haven't already ^-^


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          I'll check it out, looks good.


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            Played for awhile but it was pretty cliquish. Was not given the opportunity to tell my story so I flounced. Sorry to those supporting the good doctor's work.