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Looking for Three players for a demon game

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  • Looking for Three players for a demon game

    Hello Everyone. I'm currently looking to run a demon game and I need three players. This game is going to take part in a on going and connected world of darkness. You game will be set in NYC but it will move around to a few other cites.

    I want the characters to already be a ring. we can talk about extending this to an agency.

    the game will happen over skype. e can talk about hat days are good for you.

    In game date: July-1-2019

    NYC in contrast of Seattle is the hardest place in the world for demons to fall. Look at NYC

    New York city looks like a microchip. It has systems upon systems in it. The god machine has a tight control in this city but even so demons still hold on slipping between the cracks. The Saying goes If you make it here you can make it anywhere and this is true for any demon who falls here or comes here and is brave enough to stay here.

    The largest agency on the east coast was in NYC till it fell in 2017. Information, Gadgets and locations of supplies and suborn infrastructures were lost and scattered to the winds. With this power vacuum demon rings and survivors of the fall of this agency wage a secret war with each other and the god machine. Trying to build a new agency to fill that vacuum
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    I'd be totally up for it, depending on what time you intend to run it. I'm in Australia, so I'm about 12 hours ahead of the US, but provided it's not super early in the morning for me, I'm 100% on board.


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      PM me and we can talk about what time is good over skype


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        I have sent you a pm


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          Hey, are there still openings for this game?