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LFP] World of Darkness: Beast the Primordial Crossover - New Players Are Welcome :) !

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  • LFP] World of Darkness: Beast the Primordial Crossover - New Players Are Welcome :) !

    You don't cause nightmares, you are the nightmares that legends speak of. You have embraced the horror within and become the monster you have always feared. You've always felt out of place, alone among a crowd. But now, you have finally been able to make sense of what you really are.

    As you hunt throughout the world and explore the Primordial Dream, you will encounter many challenges, creatures and obstacles that stand in the way of fulfilling your hunger. Will you feast upon the nightmares? Or, will you be consumed by them?

    About Me: My name is Volke and I am a fairly new to the World of Darkness and Beast: The Primordial as a whole. This will be my first time leading a campaign on Roll 20, and in World Of Darkness as a whole. So I am prepared to make mistakes, but I will do my best to provide a quality, and excellent experience as a storyteller. I have roleplayed in the past through WOW, DayZ, and other platforms and played in other tabletops like D&D 4th edition. Overall however, I'd argue that I am a new GM, so I expect patience to be expected for both myself and other players.

    Game Setting: The setting for the game is June 2015 within Ontario, Canada. The world has an almost identical history to ours except for slight variations. Within the world also exists the ability to connect to the Primordial Realm, the Inner Soul, and the Underworld. The environment is serious and realistic, and the roleplay will reflect this.

    Crossover Elements: Currently, I am working on the crossover to include Mage: The Awakening & Demon: The Fallen. The reason I chose these games are that I want to explore the Inner Soul and Mages fit within it. I also want to explore the Underworld with Demon: The Fallen.

    Game System: The game will use Beast: The Primordial rules for Beasts, and slightly altered rulesets for Mage: The Awakening & Demon: The Fallen. There will be some homebrew rules included as well.

    Playtimes & Timezones: There is no firm schedule in place and will vary based on what times the players fit best. With this stated however, I am expecting to place once a week at least, twice if there is time available. The dates and times available will be Monday - Thursday after 9PM EST and Sunday Nights after 7PM EST. At the present time, there is no "game day" to speak of. This will be updated if a date is chosen. I will accommodate to player's needs and we will play as often as the players wish with no less than 1 game a week.

    New Players welcomed and encouraged! - As I am fairly new to GMing/Storytelling , I love new players and showing the ropes. I will assist you in whatever way I can necessary. My only dislike towards player types are ones that attempt to use their rules to their advantage at every opportunity.

    Roleplay is the priority. - There will be combat and other challenges as well but the roleplay and narrative is the key. I am looking for players who wish to use tabletop roleplay and immerse themselves within the world. Every action: combat, skill, or conversation is expected to be roleplayed out. When rules and roleplay interfere, roleplay will win.

    Both Text and Voice RP will be required & encouraged. - Text RP will be used to not interrupt people who are talking in a scene to prevent chaos as well as in order to engage in RP before, and after sessions. Skype is required for organization along with a Mic for vocal communication .
    Your decisions should all be based on your character's decisions. - As roleplay is a priority, your character's wants should be their wants (not your own!).

    There will be mature content & themes - The age requirement is 17+ due to the themes presented.

    Respect of players and GM is a priority -
    No verbal abuse, or harassment will be tolerated.

    If you are uncomfortable, speak up immediately. - If at any time throughout the campaign, a scene or situations comes up that you are uncomfortable with , please voice yourself immediately.

    Rules are up for discussion - If there is a table conflict due to the rules, we will spend no more than 2 minutes to come to a decision, if the conflict cannot be resolved by than, a note will be made and research on the subject will happen after the game is complete. The in-game situation will operate accordingly.

    Every player will start as a Beast.

    You can only become a Beast -
    This is due to prevent being over-flooded with an absurd amount of rule systems. Mages & Demons will be NPCs ONLY. The Mages & Demons will influence your characters through a variety of choices along with the environment of the Beasts.

    How do I Join?
    To join the campaign, please send me a private message with the following information:

    Note: The applications are expected to be filled out with respectable amount of information. I am determined to have people who are committed, and wish to tell/experience a story. I expect a somewhat cohesive backstory, and a description of your horror. I also request that applicants fill out a "Social Contract" of sorts in order to see if the goals of this campaign and my GM style, links with your own desires.

    Name: (This means your Real Life name/whatever you would like to be addressed as)
    Age: (This is your Real Life age; I do not discriminate on age, and your information will be kept private from other players. This is for my ears only)
    Player Motivation: (This means what style you as an Rper distinguish yourself as. I will leave information about Player Motivation below additional information)
    Why do you want to join this campaign? : (Why do you feel that you are a good fit for this group? What can you bring to the group in terms of Roleplay?)
    Background (Rough backstory, doesn't need to be super indepth - however I expect there to be a cohesive storyline of who your character is , where he works, etc. More information is always better)
    Horror: Horror information is below.
    Additional Information: If you have any additional information that I should know, please leave it here.

    Social Contract:
    A social contract for a role-playing game group is a formally or informally defined agreement or understanding between all players concerning the way the game will be conducted.

    Here are the questions that I would like answered:

    Name 3 times you are available to play besides Tuesday Nights; in case a change is required:

    What do you feel should be allowed/not allowed in table discussions? How much banter should be tolerated?

    Where do you draw the line in terms of dark RP? Murder, Rape, Abuse? Is there any line in the sand that would make you, the player uncomfortable?

    What is the expectation around character death? Under what circumstances can it happen/not happen?

    Is it okay for PCs to be comfortable being competitive with each other? To what extent is this okay/not okay? (Examples like PCs killing each other, PCs setting each other up for traps, etc.) Is betraying players allowed?

    What are your wants and desires within the campaign?

    How many hours would you like to play in a single session? (Assuming we start at 7PM EST)

    If there is an argument at the table how should we solve it? Example: Stop the game till the problem is solved)

    If the GM and a player disagree – what is the best way to solve this dispute?

    How long would you like this campaign to go on for/how long can you commit to it?

    To what extent is rule-lawyering allowed during game?

    In case of scenes with mechanics: are players allowed to talk and give advice when someone Is making a decision during a scene?

    How should we handle players who are late/cannot make a session?

    In what ways can players contribute to the story/setting/Game?

    Should a TPK (Total Party Kill) be allowed and under what circumstances?


    With that said, I look forward to speaking with you, and I appreciate the time you took to read this

    Additional Information if required:
    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please free to reply to this thread, send me a private message, or add me on skype. My skype username is Wrath110 if you need to reach me. If you have sent an application to me before: you may send another one.
    For information on the horror (what it is/what I expect in the application) : I will leave some paragraphs explaining what they are/what I expect from it. (Information comes from Beast: The Primordial Core Rulebook)

    Player Motivation:
    Player Motivation refers to what type of gamer are you - and what you seek out of games. Many people strongly identify in multiple categories, but usually feel closest to a particular motivation
    • The Power Gamer: Get more powers and use them often and efficiently.
    • The Butt-Kicker: Enjoys combat and pwning NPCs!
    • The Tactician: Likes to beat complex situations through thought and planning.
    • The Specialist: The one who always plays a <insert character type>. Ninjas and Dritzz clones are popular.
    • The Method Actor: Likes total immersion in a character’s assumed persona, whatever the costs!
    • The Storyteller: Enjoys exploring a story unfold around a character’s actions and choices.
    • The Watcher/Lurker: Shows up to be with friends and share the social energies of the group without necessarily being motivated by the usual incentives.
    • The Instigator: Likes to make things happen and trigger awkward situations
    • The Outlier: Seeking the emotional kick of subverting a group’s dynamic by creating weird characters or actively seeking failure.
    While humanity confidently declares that no monsters hide in the shadows, deep down it knows better. The dragons, the giants, the kraken, the gorgons, all the great monsters of legend and nightmare — they may not walk the world openly, but people know what they see in their dreams. Humanity searched for them in deep caves and dark forests when they should have looked within, where the true monsters dwell. The great creatures of myth and legend are still very much with us. Beasts are expressions of these dread creatures in the flesh. From their lairs deep within the Primordial Dream, the old nightmares merge with chosen humans by Devouring their souls, as they have since before history was written. The synthesis of the two allows them to walk the mortal world, sowing dread and harvesting ruin to feed their boundless appetites. It is important to understand that the Horror is not a flesh and- blood monster. The Horror is much more iconic than that, existing primarily as a dread spirit entity in the darkest depths of the Primordial Dream. Some Horrors are storied monsters of legend, while others saw their cultures die around them as their tales were forgotten. Still others are new creatures, born of more modern fears and fantasies. Whatever its form, whatever its origins, in the moment of oblivion when a Horror Devours
    a human’s soul, a new Horror is born. The newborn Beast joins with this Horror and becomes one of the Begotten. Your character’s Horror is how he appears in the safety of his Lair. When characters see his aura, they see this manifestation of who he is inside, past the meat and bone of his human body. Describe your character’s Horror in broad, evocative strokes; avoid creating an extensive catalog of every scale, claw, or pustule. Give his skin texture. Point out key distinctive features, like fists as big as truck tires or painfully smooth facial symmetry. (Include a drawing/picture that will also express this if you wish - this however does not exclude the description process)