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  • Interested in Playing VtM/VtR

    Hello everyone, I've been looking to join a Vampire the Masquerade/Requiem game. If anyone wants me in their group, please tell me. Here's a little about me:

    I'm 14 years old, but I am mature, and wish to play Vampire for it's dark stories and world.

    I am fairly new to the WoD, but I believe I understand the Masquerade game rules, but not so much the lore.

    If I play a game, I'd wish to play as an Autistic Nosferatu deep web hacker and Informat, who has nervous break downs when dealing with matters out side of computers.

    I wish to play over Google hangouts or Skype

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    Hi Monty, I saw your post a couple days ago and couldn't help but be reminded of myself about 14 years ago. I started playing World of Darkness at 14, and by 16 I had at least one offer to ST on an 18+ chat. I hope you find a group to play with and can enjoy the setting as much as I have. If you don't find something right away, or even if you find something and it doesn't work out, keep playing, you'll find something that is worth it if you stick with it.

    Happy Gaming.