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  • Looking for skype TT group

    I have seen a few topics about getting small games together on here, but I am curious if anyone would be interested in trying to get a small group together for playing multiple games. Basically what I am looking for is a group of half dozen or so players to play a couple times a week. Ideally atleast a couple people would share ST duties possibly running different games to give everyone a chance to play so no one person got stuck STing every time and to lend some variety to play. If anyone is interested shoot me a PM or reply with your availability and what games you would like to play/games you would be willing to run and hopefully we can work things out.

    Availability: Me personally I am looking for people to be able to play after 9pm pacific time

    Games interested in running: Mortal, Wolf, Mage, Changeling
    Games interested in playing: Pretty much anything though I am somewhat burnt out on vampire