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Kingdoms of Coin and Neon (C:tD PbP)

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  • Kingdoms of Coin and Neon (C:tD PbP)

    Well, with two games planned that didn't pan out I have time for a third which is already looking like I have enough interest to survive. At the very least I'll have two players who are looking forward to it.

    The basic pitch is Changelings in Las Vegas starting with a story of romance and politics - It is time for a Noble wedding to seal the Courts of Seelie and Unseelie after a good 40 year rulership after the Accordance War. Do you have a stake in this new marriage that may get you status in a new Freehold in the making? Do you try and sabotage the romance of others? Do you even try to sweep up the hearts of those princes and princesses to try and become your Court's ruler?

    Just a note: This is my first time STing a C:tD game. I am doing revised edition and only requiring the Core Book. I will allow the Kithbooks, the House Books, Shining Host, and Fool's Luck to be used. I am going to read the core book cover to cover and may still make some mistakes. I just think with what is going on in the world maybe looking on the brighter side of the WoD is needed right now.

    The Game, on Myth-Weavers as usual.

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