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VTM/V20 - Forum/Discord Game - Clearwater by Night - Looking for Players

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  • VTM/V20 - Forum/Discord Game - Clearwater by Night - Looking for Players

    About the Game
    Clearwater by Night is a play-by-post forum game looking for players! Right now we have 4 active players and we’re looking to increase that number.

    Clearwater is a fictional Camarilla city located in Wisconsin. A few NPCs remain after a brutal Sabbat invasion killed over a dozen Kindred. The Prince has called for any Vampires in good standing with the Camarilla to come and help repopulate the city. While combat will be occurring in the game, the main focus will be on character interaction, exploring the city, and plot.

    This is a strictly Vampire game; there are no other supernaturals.

    Systems: Vampire: 20th Anniversary Edition will be the core rulebook. There are few house rules, mostly concerning character creation and tweaking problematic disciplines. The game will be run as if it were tabletop; rolls will be called for when required.
    Characters have to go through an approval process to be sure they’ll fit in the game. Players are expected to create Vampire (or possible Ghoul) characters that are members of the Camarilla.

    For further information, the forums contain a wealth of setting and rules information.

    Time: The game is run on a Jcink forum, so you can play anytime day or night. If you have limited time or live outside America, you will still have plenty of opportunity to post. There is an active Discord server where we discuss in-game and out-of-game topics in real time. No actual play will be done on Discord.

    Looking For: Mature players who can devote time to posting at least 3 times a week. Experience with the World of Darkness is not necessary, but helpful. Players will be expected to read and understand all the posted rules and reference materials on the forum.

    Disruptive characters or characters designed to abuse the rules are not welcome.

    The Storytellers
    Dissolution - I’ve been playing RPGs since high school and have a lot experience running and playing in LARPs. I love to tinker with systems and mechanics.

    Bread - I’ve also been playing RPGs for a number of years, but I focus more on the story side of games. I have run a number of Vampire: The Masquerade games with my current one ongoing for nearly 5 years.

    The two storytellers have over 30 years combined experience with the World of Darkness.


    Thanks everyone! We got more than enough players for our game, so registration is now closed.
    Last edited by Dissolution; 07-29-2016, 12:25 PM. Reason: Registration is now closed.