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  • Searching players for HtV game

    I have some free time and I'm bored (it came to the point where I've started studying the Many World Interpretation just for fun), and it has been awhile since I've played Hunter (or RP at all- my friends are boring :P ) so I've thought why not search for players in here? I'm looking for 4-6 players playing either in those forums as PbP (the favored option for me) or on Skype (although I lack camera or similar communication device, so we'll have to still write down everything). I plan on this to be a mixed- Conspiracy level game (although the scope may be of smaller Tier), and I allow any homebrew material which I've wrote if someone wants to (some of it have never been play tested and some requires clean up, so it could be a good opportunity to check those things out. Other homebrew may be asked for, but I don't promise anything). I don't have a lot of time, so I plan on a quick game which would start as soon as possible, but if all would go out well we may continue it even in a less frequent format because of my studies. I have still didn't chose a specific setting, but the options which I consider are Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Montreal, Bangkok, London, Los Angeles and Seattle.

    Anyway, let's all a great time

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