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Looking for an experienced ST for livestream tabletop group.

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  • Looking for an experienced ST for livestream tabletop group.

    We have a weekly tabletop group livestreamed on by one of our players every Tuesday night around 9PM EST.
    A number of us have had very prolific and positive experiences with the World of Darkness storytelling system in the past. We would love to play an exciting game that can utilize and incorporate being played in front of live audience and the ability to use multimedia to bring the story to life for viewers.
    Since twitch opened up both the Vampire and Werewolf categories, there have been few games streamed on the platform. I'd like to change that, don't you?
    We're looking for a highly skilled storyteller that has some ideas on how to engage a live audience as well as their players. That will use multimedia (background music, soundboards, video segments) to create an engaging story. Must have decent quality audio/video equipment (mic and webcam), knowledge or experience of running games online, and a strong presence and voice and be willing to run Tuesday nights.
    If this is something you'd be interested in being a part of, please reply here, send me a message, or tweet @clarityggtv