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  • Exalted GM looking for Players

    Good news, I have a story (several actually) the rule book (I can't wait for more!) and free time (Currently).

    The bad news I'm looking for a new job so my future availability may change in the coming months.

    If you aren't scared away now. Feel free to message me on Skype (Xaoccoa). I'm currently looking for 3-5 players of any caste. I'm leaning towards either Monday afternoon or Friday afternoon. I live in Mountain time (-7 UTC/GMT).

    Plot line will involve Yozi, Fair Folk, Deathlords and more. At least 1 combat skill recommended.

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    Arg, I have RL games both of those days.


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      I'd be interested. Monday's probably the best day for me. If you manage to get anything going, shoot me a message on here and I'll pm my skype.


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        I'm interested, Monday after like 12pm EST or 10am Mountain time works for me, if you need my skype info, message me and I'll give it to you.

        Wow I wish I had something cool to say here