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I will run a Chronicles of Darkness PBP solo game for you if you do the same for me!

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  • I will run a Chronicles of Darkness PBP solo game for you if you do the same for me!

    What the title says! I'm experienced in running and playing PBP games in this system. I will run a solo game in the setting of your choice- if there are friends you'd like to play with, I'm open to that too. At the same time, you'll run a solo game where I'm the player.

    I'd prefer to run and play a more tight and focused game rather than a totally open sandbox. Very open to using a Dark Era or sample setting. But we can work together to figure out exactly what we're interested in!

    Games I'm interested in running or playing: Mage (2E), Promethean (2E), Changeling (2E or 1E), Hunter (semi-2E with Mortal Remains update), Mummy (1E, open to using a 2E homebrew if you like).

    I'm especially interested in playing Mummy, Promethean or Changeling!

    2E Legacy Updates
    Brotherhood of the Demon Wind
    Choir of Hashmallim (plus extra Summoning content)
    Storm Keepers

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    I tried to get a simaler idea going a while back but it didn't get much love... If it takes off I might be interested. In my experiance for 1on1 the player and St really need to be on the same page and have to gel really well otherwise it doesn't work.

    But hopefully you get more interest, I will keep an eye on the thread.


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      I saw this and I was like " I could totally do that" Then I saw the two that I like arent on the list. I really like Vampire and Demon. I like changeling, but I dont know enough about it to run a game for it.


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        I'm interested. Would like to play Mage 2e and run Promethean.