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  • WTA - Discord - Looking for players

    Enough people have been found, thank you.


    Rage Across the Painted Sky will be a play-by-chat game run over Discord. I'm looking for 2-5 players to set up a pack.

    The Painted Sky is a large sept located within the Colorado Plateau. Once held by a shaky alliance between the Shadow Lords and Uktena, something went amiss -- they fell to the Wyrm, and the bloody battles that followed swallowed up many neighboring caerns, shaking the garou nation. Now reclaimed, the nation has called out for the young and bold to come forth and pack up as a show of unity.

    I'm available anywhere from 2PM to 12AM EST on weekdays, with slightly more open hours on the weekend.

    Character Creation
    Standard, by the book cliaths, and to be clear, we're using the 20th Anniversary Edition. All 13 tribes, auspices, and breeds are open.

    Garou only; no vampires, fera, or other supernaturals will be accepted.

    As mentioned, the game will be run over Discord. You don't need to download anything; you don't even need to sign up for an account, although that's recommended. I already have a dicebot set up to keep track of everything. Voice is optional - I'll be using text.
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    I've got a few people expressing interest, but I'm still on the lookout for more players.


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      I'm interested, I'll contact you tomorrow.


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        We could use one or two more people. So far, we have a Shadow Lord Philodox and a Black Fury Theurge.


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          Hey, Keter you around? Never heard from you again.


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            Malus Hey. I'm sorry for the disappearance. Life hit me with some troubles. I'll repost what I said in the server:

            Ugh. Sorry guys. Over the past two weeks a medical problem I've been dealing with flared up that pretty much put me out of order; I'll save everyone from the ugly details. It looks like half of the players left, which I don't hold against them; I'd probably do the same. I'll try to contact everyone again and see if we can get the game back in order, but if not, I wish you all the best and better luck with your future games. Thanks for joining me in this, as short as it was.