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  • Arkham By Night -- Skype Game Recruiting

    I'm running a game of VtM in a setting heavily inspired by the HP Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos. The game takes place in the 1920s in Arkham, Massachusetts. Only the Brujah, Cappadocian, Gangrel, Malkavians, Toreador, and Ventrue Clans are allowed. No other Sects, Bloodlines or Clans have been acknowledged yet in the game. The Order of the Silver Twilight Lodge takes the place of the Tremere.

    I currently have two full-time players. A third player recently had to depart the game to focus on graduating from law school, and a fourth is transitioning jobs at the moment, so his schedule is difficult. I'd like to recruit 1-2 more players.

    We play every other Saturday night from 7:30 Eastern time (GMT-5) until 11:00. Play is via Skype Voice, with rolls and stats tracked on the Roll20 online table top.

    If you're interested, you can message me directly, or reply here. I can also be reached by gmail. My ID is "piratezombie". Our next game is the 22nd of October.

    I'm a professor! Why is no one listening to me?!

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    Hey how's it going? I started a Facebook group for White Wolf game play media and subject matter media but we also allow people who are trying to run a game post looking for players too. The only thing we ask is the following;

    1)Be specific on the game type, and theme of the game
    2)Be specific on what you will allow and not allow
    3)The means in which you plan to run the game, and when.
    4)The more details the better.

    Hope to see you there!!!

    For different game play videos of White Wolf Games from my play group
    If you want to find White Wolf game play media or subject matter media