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    The Borderlands
    Mood: Gothic Romantic
    Themes: Excess, Mystery and Intrigue
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Things in the city have changed over the years. The Sabbat lost territory on the New Mexican border in the Winter of 1944 due to military appropriation, and issued a suicidally violent response to those Kindred they perceived as responsible, spawning masses of their half-crazed shock troops to hurl at the meager Camarilla strongholds of the state. Albuquerque, having been Anarch territory since the end of the Civil War, was ill-prepared for a siege and nearly fell to the so-called "Sword of Caine".

    Before the city and surrounding territory were lost, however, a group of Justicars were sent with a regiment of Archons and their Servirs to wrest control of the area from the Sabbat. Many on both sides met Final Death, and in the aftermath, the city was left with dozens of sireless fledglings and disillusioned Sabbat. These vampires, after much friction and misunderstanding, were vouched for by the local unaligned native Tzimisce population and, eventually, by the Anarchs. The Prince, Santiago, a Gangrel who was the only Justicar to survive the bloodshed, took the opportunity for peace and worked to make his newly claimed city a sanctuary of sorts. This led to what's been called the "Cortez Treaty".

    The events of the Sabbat attack were covered up and thereafter recalled as a series of accidents involving gas leaks by mortal officials. In the decades since, a fragile but functional balance has been kept amongst the (former) Antitribu, Anarchs and the Ivory Tower.

    Crimson Arena (Tier Zero)
    Welcome to The Red. It's had many homes, many names and many lives. Now it's the Red Circuit Combat Sports Club. A private getaway for the rich, a gambling hub for a handful of the more murderous international crime syndicates and a place where good men fight like gladiators and die like dogs.

    Inside, around and above that is another truth, though. The Circuit is the Arena. It's the Colosseum. The stage you were born for. Your fighting skills, previously used for others, undeveloped or ignored, are your keys to the Kingdom.
    Your fists guide your Destiny here. You know the truth. This is where men and monster alike fight like Gods, where a fighter lives and dies a Legend.

    Ashes & Roadkill (Tier 1)
    Welcome to the scenic beauty of the city on the edge of the desert, the mountain town of quaint adobe homes, the birthplace of the atomic bomb. The cities light the night like fireflies, attracting even the wildest Gangrel to chase them from time to time. The cities promise excess and power. The wide badlands and mountain forests promise freedom for those Kindred brave enough to dwell there. The Camarilla holds sway, with their authoritarianism masked as "Kindred Equality'. The offer sounds good. The Camarilla is strong. It's safe. ..But then then you have the Anarchs, and their former Free State. Could it be Free again? Decisions, Decisions. Ah, to be young and undead!

    Cities of Gold (Tier 2)
    The grind of city life impacts even the unliving, and life (or lack thereof) as they say, goes on. Routine can make even vampirism feel prosiac. An influx of Kindred from Central America in recent years has been a notable change, but thus far the new blood hasn't spoiled the punch. The neighborhood isn't going anywhere, and progress is the name of the game.
    You're the Primogen of this newly built Kindred fiefdom, and its future may well rest in your cold, dead hands.
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    Major NPCs

    William "Bill" Brady - The Sheriff of Northern Albuquerque. A lanky Toreador with a handsome but sharp featured face. Anglo-Saxon in appearance, with deep blue eyes and light brown hair that reaches his shoulders. A well worn duster coat is often his outer covering of choice, with the exception of certain formal events. His hair is usually seen slicked back with pomade when not covered by one of his well-worn but stylish tejana cowboy hats. He's been on the job since the Prince took power in the 1940s. He gained ownership of Burt's Tiki Lounge after winning a high stakes game of poker with a lucky hand, or so he says.

    Casper - Tzimisce Primogen. Wide shouldered and raw-boned, he cuts a figure reminiscent of an imposing scarecrow. His wild, dark hair often clashes with his impeccable, if eccentric, wardrobe. Often seen at more high end Elysium affairs, he deals with his Clan directly very often, having little use for proxies or Whips. He rose up as the former Whip of Primogen Tanek Veronika, who met Final Death at the claws of Shapeshifters in the 1980s. Veronika himself was the first Sabbat defector to Prince Santiago's forces after the war, and author of the Cortez Treaty.

    Amelia - Lasombra Primogen. You haven't spoken much, but she's well-mannered and polite to most. A petite brunette just over five feet in height with a paling olive tone to her skin, her hair styled into a retro cap of smooth black. She's usually attired in the latest designer dresses and tastefully simple, yet obviously expensive, jewelry. Right down to the designer sunglasses she seemingly wears everywhere, she practically exudes the smell of money. You're aware she's on good terms with the city's Nosferatu, regardless of affiliation. Her Domain covers a large swath of the Mesa Del Sol area, which encompasses the local DEA offices, the Isleta Amphitheatre and the "young Hollywood" Albuquerque Studios.

    Tomas Castellano - Ventrue Primogen. A bearded man who breathed last as a mortal in the prime of his life. He has piercing, inquisitive green eyes, the slightest wrinkles of a thoughtful brow surrounding them make his intellect readily apparent. He dresses in business suits for the most part, carrying himself with a formal grace offset only by his subtly thorny personality. He rarely deigns to speak to most Kindred without some sort of appointment with his "asociates", a small group of ghouls and childer who act in his stead much of the time. He can usually be reached at the La Fonda Hotel in the Santa Fe Plaza, though he takes any calls not pertaining to the Court from his office at the Palace of the Governors.

    Katrina Snow - Toreador Primogen. An attractive blonde with grey-blue eyes and a taste for functional, sometimes Bohemian dress. She'd almost look downplayed if the effect wasn't so obviously intentional. Her long, pale gold hair is often braided down her back or put up in a bun. A fixture at most Elysiums, Katrina was an actress before clan Toreador took her as its own in the 1930s. She acts as a "muse" to a few aspring young writers and directors these days, and even goes so far as offering "acting lessons" to certain gullble beginning thespians. She is the silent money and secret heart behind the Apothecary Lounge, where she'll often invite the young, Kindred and Kine alike, who catch her eye.

    Fiona Kristof - Brujah Primogen. A major player in Anarch-Camarilla relations. Her ties go almost as far back as the War for Albuquerque and she uses them to great effect. Even the Nosferatu have occasionally been scooped for stories by her watchful eye and thumb on the city's pulse. A long-haired brunette naturally, she's often been seen with a shaved head by clanmates at Rants and doesn't make a secret of the habit.

    Alex Simms - Brujah Whip and Childe of Fiona Kristof, this wiry individual spends much of his time unofficially monitoring his Clanmates using various surveillance techniques, grown out of his background skills from years working at the Los Alamos National Laboratory under the direction of the Department of Defense. Tall and lanky, with wavy brown hair and fair skin, he embodies the image of a pasty pencil pusher, which masks his experience with military weapons and close-quarters combat nicely. He keeps his Haven on the north end of Santa Fe.

    Annabelle Kuwaninvaya - Tzimisce Whip. This cherubic and placid, dark featured woman of Hopi heritage, holds Domain in, and Havens near, the Randall Davey Audobon nature reserve. Her connection to the mystical side of nature is well-respected in certain circles, and she's often sought out by Clanmates for consultation over such matters.

    Gorrion - A Kindred who resembles nothing so much as a rotting corpse. The Primogen of the city's Necromancers, he makes his haven out in a small chapel hidden among a well-tended copse of trees, on a large patch of private land in Corrales. His demeanor is, by turns, manically excitable and slightly aggressive or cordial and businesslike. He usually speaks with a crisp English accent, but has revealed his more natural voice to carry a heavier, almost Spanish or Portuguese sounding, accent. His muddy greenish-brown eyes are cold and, sunk into the bruise-dark sockets of his fleshy skull, look both calculating and menacing.

    Sarah Welles - Harbinger Whip. A secretive woman with sloulder-length red hair and a pallor even most Kindred would call sickly. She isn't seen often, but her Clan never seems to make waves, so she must be doing something right. She's known to sometimes provide necromantic services on behalf of her Primogen, and has a small online presence for limited socializing.

    Sam & Max White - Malkavian. Childer of Elizabeth. Elizabeth's Whip and The Keeper of Elysium, respectively. These fraternal twins, brother and sister, appear to be nearly indistinguishable by sight, sound or even scent. Fair-haired, pallid, and unfailingly dressed in matching outfits, the two also share the condition of heterochromia, each having a green left eye and a light blue eye on the right. They serve the City and have proven their loyalty. Not even Elizabeth can really say which one is which.

    Francisco "Frankie" Ortega - Lasombra Whip and Childe of Amelia. This slim Kindred sports long, curling black hair with strong streaks of silver, dark eyes and an open but deeply-lined face. Usually only seen in a simple black suit, straddling the line between professional and funereal, this aged yet handsome specimem has many connections to the UNM Teaching Hospital.

    Antonio "Tony" Maron - Ventrue. Childe of Tomas. Stocky but lean, with black, tightly curled and pomade shined hair. Tanned enough to be noticeable, with a moustache a few decades too bold on his round and openly friendly face. In life he was a Captain of the Albuquerque Police Department's Narcotics Division, with a spotless arrest record and commendations aplenty. Under Tomas he acts as Ventrue Whip, keeping the city's Blue bloods in line. You'd never know there was a brain behind his almost innocent-looking big brown eyes.

    Isaiah - Nosferatu. Underground drug kingpin, master manipulator and disgusting specimen of a Nosferatu. His hugely engorged, blue-veined, worm-like body, lacking legs, drags about like some form of hellish grub. His arms and bloated face are all that remain to mark him as formerly human. His mastery of certain Disciplines and his connections afford him a level of safety some would call paranoid.

    Crispin Beltran- Tlacique. Loyal Anarch, he acts as Reeve of Albuquerque's Old Town, supporting Baron Ignacio Cortez since the War for Albuquerque. A rather compact Kindred, Crispin stands only 5'2", though he is quite firmly built and well-muscled. His shaved head and large collection of visible tattoos often gives off the impression of a gangbanging cholo. Rumored to have some knowledge of Blood Magic.

    Eddie Barrett - Brujah. Anarch Emissary. Eddie looks to be in his early 20s, but is a veteran of the American-Vietnam war and was embraced shortly after returning home from duty. This sandy haired youth with a military haircut has since become deeply involved with humanitarian efforts in the community. He works tirelessly to keep the lines of communication open and healthy between the Anarchs and the Camarilla.

    Gloria- Nosferatu. Steward of the "Gardens" in Hillcrest, Mount Calvary and Sunset Memorial Park cemeteries. Gifted with the innocent, rosy and angelic features of a Victorian China doll, her face was spared from the curse for reasons unknown. The horror of her body acts as a jarring contrast to her sweet face, however. Under her clothes lies a body like dried parchment over wasted muscle and decrepit bones. Always covered in a long cloak, she almost reminds one of a girl playing with costume clothing, despite the truth beneath being the bleak antithesis of innocent fancy. Her exaggerated strength has caught more than one Kindred unawares.

    Xochitl - Former Gangrel Primogen, she's handed over the reigns to Nathaniel Brooks, due to political disinterest. A wild beauty, Xochitl manages to walk the line between noblewoman and noble savage with grace. Quiet and well-mannered, she often distances herself from nightly Kindred drama. Her long black hair is often tied back simply when seen at functions, along with a predictable pair of blue jeans. It's rumored that more than one fledgling Gangrel has caught a glimpse her prowling the Monzano mountains, naked in the moonlight, her dark eyes afire with bestial light.

    Felix Garcia - A Gangrel you've met a few times. He works as a Hound for Bill, and seemingly does his job well. His lineage is clear from his cat-like eyes, furred forearms and pointed ears. He speaks a bit like a gangbanger and has a tendency to carry himself the same way. He'd be a walking Masquerade breach if he didn't tend to hide his face from humanity using the powers of his blood. He's tough, rather blunt in conversation and sometimes downright rude. He's not often seen at Elysium.

    Jimmy - Nosferatu. Whip and primary envoy to the Nosferatu Primogen, Yorgos. A jaunty, playful fellow, often sporting a bow-tie and three piece suit. He'd seem genuinely charming if his mouth and head hadn't become a fleshy simulation of a Venus fly-trap, his face split vertically down the middle to reveal a grotesquely fanged maw. He's naturally adept at Obfuscate and often uses that to "make nice" with Kindred at Elysiums, his split visage masked with illusory movie star features.

    Baron Ignacio Cortez - Tzimisce. Anarch Baron of Old Town and Lincoln County. He was the first Anarch signatory of the Cortez Treaty, which was named for him by his friend and author of the Treaty, Tanek Veronika. The city's Anarch population has had a decent relationship with the new Camarilla Kindred mostly due to his pull in the community, but there are old grudges that die hard, and old grudges can run deep for the Kindred

    Contra V. - Anarch Tzimisce and Sweeper for the city, Contra keeps a watchful eye on the comings and goings of the Albuquerque's Kindred. When not keeping tabs on an overpopulated city, she's experimenting with alterations to her body and those of others. A former surgeon and body modification enthusiast, the Embrace has opened up new avenues for her interests and had garnered her a somewhat impressive list of clientele interested in her "procedures".

    Simon Herzog - A Kindred painter who looks to have been Embraced no later than early adolescence. His stature is decidedly that of a child, with warm brown eyes, short curly brown hair and freckled cheeks. His paintings often sell at galleries that sometimes double as Elysium space, signed under false names. You've heard he gives the money away, when his paintings sell. And sometimes they sell like gems. He doesn't speak to many people, but he smiles a lot, and other Kindred tend to give him a wide berth. He either has a favorite shirt or a very limited variety in his wardrobe, because you've only ever seen him wear what looks like the same shirt every time, a threadbare white button-down business shirt a few sizes too big, with ever-changing patterns of paint stains adding color.

    Benjamin "Benji" Cordova - Gangrel. Seneschal to the Prince. Benji looks and acts much as he did in life; a full-bodied, tanned and jolly Hispanic man with an easy smile and short black hair. His nightly activities vary greatly, considering the expansive reach of the Prince's Domain. Many consider him a bit of a pest, but he's nearly always just doing his job.

    Prince Santiago Delfosse - He hails from Clan Gangrel and uses proxies for most of the nightly dealings within Albuquerque's Kindred population. You've met him on a few occasions, such as council meetings, but he's never been the converstional type. An average sized man, though seemingly very thin, he often wears sunglasses, with a fedora atop the brown curls of his medium length hair.
    Beyond that, the Kindred of the city can't say much about him..

    Minor NPCs

    Katie B - City Gangrel. A young hispanic neonate, with deep brown eyes and long locks, she tends to hide her particular mark of the Beast, a pair of tufted and pointed ears under her honey-colored hair and hoodie. A street kid even before the Embrace, she was chosen for her ability to survive. Childe of Xochitl.

    T.J. Yellowoak - Gangrel. A high paid attorney in life, T. J. finds that business is still good in unlife. Yellowoak is often called upon to grease certain wheels in the judicial machine, and grease a few palms as well, to get Kindred out of possible Masquerade breaching situations with mortal law enforcement.

    Russell "Brotha Damu" DuBois - City Gangrel. Anarch. Owner of Knockouts! Topless Bar. Holding unofficial Domain in the west side Albuquerque public housing "projects", he's active in running, secretly managing and manipulating several local street gangs,. Embraced in 1989 by Xochitl.

    "Sin" Sinclair - Country Gangrel. The raw-boned and razor-toothed Sinclair barely survived the battle after Santiago's forcces were finished with the Sabbat, being only a "Shovelhead" Embraced shortly before the Sabbat made their bid for the city Albuquerque. The remaining Gangrel gave him shelter and took him in as their own, as far as the Gangrel do such things, anyway. He currently makes in home in the Cibola woodlands.

    Rob Jones - Malkavian. Childe of Elizabeth. A slim but muscular young man with short black hair and blue eyes. He suffers from severe manic depression and a seemingly Borderline personality, he swings rapidly between various emotional states. For her part, Liz assigns him a lot of work but is in truth very protective of him and considers him one of her closest confidants.

    Bonnie - Malkavian. Blonde, perky and rather small at 5'2". You'd mistake her for a gung-ho camp counselor if she didn't have the tendency to take mortals apart with a hacksaw after "over-eating". She's a fledgling of Simon's and he seems to keep her from harsher punishments through some clout.

    Derek Farrell - Malkavian. This polished young Kindred is the picture of the "spoiled rich boy". Prone to wearing high priced designer coats and diamond jewelry, the short but reedy wanna-be bad-boy has a face as richly pampered as his slicked back black hair. Hawty, handsome, capable and cold, he acts now as a "financier" for whomever can pay his fees. How he defines "financier" has seemed debatable at times, but his well-protected and luxurious haven in Los Alamos speaks volumes about his prudence and eye for security as well as his style and vanity. In the past few years, he's gained considerable favor with certain Anarchs and often makes a show of heading into Albuquerque's Old Town to "mingle".

    Miguel "Mikey" Lucero - A bulky, caramel skinned and somewhat paunchy Kindred preserved in his mid-20s. His haven is in Santa Fe, but his tendency to wander about in his manic and seemingly endless pursuit of what he's only described as "The Big One" has had him bed down for the day in the strangest of places. Childe of Abigail.

    Mother Abigail - Malkavian. A former nun whose obsession with caring for children has long been a source of inconvenience for the Malkavians trying to maintain a semblance of discretion. She and her wards make their haven at an abandoned High School on the city. More than a few orphans have grown to adulthood under Abigail's care, and they carry knowledge some would kill to protect.

    Dixie - Malkavian. A former ward of Abigail and a recent Childe, she was Embraced after Abigail was attacked by members of an unkown group, where Dixie was caught in the crossfire. She's of a spritely disposition and almost unfailingly friendly, her strawberry-blonde pigtails and big sea-green eyes give her a look more youthful than her 19 mortal years would imply.

    Rabbit - Malkavian. Dixie's "Brother" and fellow Childe of Abigail. Ebony skinned and sharp of tongue, Rabbit never rests. His obsessions and compulsions are well known to some, especially his obsession with time, garnering the slightly sarcastic nickname "The White Rabbit". He was raised by Abigail since early childhood and has made a name for himself as a "consultant" of sorts, his mastery of Auspex giving him the appearance of a psychic savant.

    Eric "Maldito" Maldonado - Nosferatu. Former Sabbat Ductus and current pain in the Prince's ass. His hairless cranium and rat-like face have a certain "stereotypical" look, if that can be said of any Nosferatu. His eyes are perpetually red-rimmed, yellowed as if by jaundice and bloodshot. Maldito is an Anarch and the Sect's Coyote, but has pull with many Nosferatu regardless of Sect. He's been the seeming catalyst for a few would-be rebellions, and some say a Blood Hunt may be in his future. Sooner rather than later. Some seem to never learn from a stay in The Gardens.

    Mary Jane - Nosferatu. Former mycologist and microbiologist, Mary Jane stays mainly underground working on her "projects". She tends to hide her tumorous face with a shawl of some sort when socializing. Her gardens of fungi and other things she cultivates is quite impressive, spanning miles of the city's tunnel system. Her creations have occasionally made their way to the surface, and a few Kine have had a "trip" they'll never forget.

    Conrad Burke - Nosferatu. An intelligent, creative and handsome architect in life; his translucent skin, squid-like eyes, and teeth like fine bony needles together with his long and many-knuckled fingers make him an eerie and frightening sight above ground these days. He's been charged with designing and maintaining the underground city that is one of Yorgos pet projects. Rumor has it that he's Yorgos one and only childe, though neither of the two speak of it and most find it wise not to press the issue.

    "Burnout" Brenda – Nosferatu. Sweet and flirty of disposition, she usualy attires herself in an authentic WWII era nurse uniform (though few believe it's anything other than an affectation). Her nickname stems from her cracking red and black skin, resembling a freshly burned body. Although not as old as her uniform would suggest, she seems to indeed have a medical background and is rumored to have delivered medical aid to certain sectors of the homeless population of Albuquerque's Tent City. It's also rumored that she may have been Yorgos' occasional lover (among others).

    Lt. Horace Gallows - Nosferatu. Also known as the Mummy Man or "Horace Karloff", due to the bandages he uses to cover the wound-like festering sores that cover his epidermis. Former police Detective, he is the Nosferatu Primogen's unofficial spymaster, having ghouls in all sorts of unexpected places. Managing this web of informants occupies most of his night time. He usually uses Obfuscate to appear as he did in life; a hard-boiled Homicide Detective with salt-and-pepper hair.

    Professor Gerhard Metzger - Brujah. The picture of gracefully aged academia, this balding and inquisitive German war relic is often still hard at work writing and researching. He's often called upon by Anarch and Camarilla official alike for his expertise. His discerning grey eyes have proofread many a document put before the Prince. To date, he's known to have doctorates in Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Archeology, Chemistry and Engineering.

    Bethany "Baby" Berkowitz - Brujah. Well traveled, charismatic and connected, this strawberry blonde 5'4" perpetual student currently blends in with the campus nightlife as a film major.

    Barak "Bonez Dubb" Ben-Mahmoud - Harbinger. This nearly 7ft tall, olive-toned, waxy-pallored Kindred is quite sociable, despite his somewhat overwhelming physical presence. He has many contacts among the younger Kindred of Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.

    Angelita Griego - Ventrue. A brunette with her fashion sense stuck firmly in the 1960s, this Autarkis claims Praxis over the Town of Espanola. Largely autonomous from the larger Kindred community of the state, her claims of Praxis are nonetheless an ongoing issue with the Prince and certain Primogen. The small group of Kindred who support her meet in a corrugated steel building known as the Freedom's Hope Tabernacle, which claims to be open to any kindred seeking shelter, provided that they abide by Angelita's rules

    Veer Joon - Ventrue/Danava. This bearded, caramel skinned and bespectacled Kindred still carries the Punjab accent of his breathing days. His full beard is only accentuated by thick black hair that he often wears braided past the shoulders. Linen clothing and sandals complete the picture. An outspoken and loyal Anarch, he acts as spiritual council for some of the Sect's blood sorcerers. Many enemies have been lulled into a false sense of security by his seemingly gentle appearance only to face a terrifyingly potent magical foe.

    Elijah Lee-Park - Toreador. This young blonde, green eyed spitfire makes his haven in Camarilla-dominant Santa Fe, but has been aligned with the Anarchs since the 1990s. A self described "Jack of All Trades", he's quite the social player and is adept with certain forms of obscure monkey-wrenching that hav proven quite useful for The Cause when such tactics have been deemed necessary.

    Mateo Iglesias - Toreador. A Kindred of average height, appearing to be at least in his 50s, with his fading tan and silver-grey hair, with just the ghost of the older dark color at his temples. In short sleeves, his numerous and artfully done tattoos are visible. In life he was reclusive painter and kept to that habit thereafter, as he rarely voyages far from his small Domain holding in Taos.

    Abraham "A/C" Carter - Brujah. Former Black Panther, certified genius, Anarch and obsessive researcher of eastern esoterica. Years of occult and metaphysical pursuits, and especially the physical dangers sometimes inherent to the pursuit of the hidden has left its mark on Abraham, leading to some newfound recognition in the Red Circuit.

    Marianne Willoughby - Daughter of Cacophony. This lovely, youthful-looking, copper-curled country darling stands about five feet tall and has been singing the blues for a pittance over the course of a lifetime or more. She's a highly social creature, and often makes her way into Santa Fe, Albuqerque and even sometimes out of state to find a quaint little stage to brighten. She keeps a permanent haven in Taos, but as a loyal member of the local Court, pays her respects to Prince Santiago whenever in his cities.

    "Lucky" Lucia - Nosferatu. Elder matriarch among the state's many Warrens. This leprous-looking and fierce angel of mercy, swaddled in simple robes, keeps the Underground society flowing smoothly, acting as a mediator and Wise Woman. Her word is often final, if only Below.

    Uriel - Nosferatu. A seasoned warrior and Eldest among the Nosferatu that defected from the Sabbat. Former Ductus and wartime witch-priest, he is known to have fought and slaughtered a pack of Lupines singlehandedly. Before his most recent Torpor, he was a spiritual leader among many young Nosferatu.

    Caleb - Tzimisce. A tall and brawny specimen, well over six feet tall and wide as a door.His large brown eyes give him a kind look, however, and generally his demeanor is as warm as his gaze. He dresses simply, often in dark wool or the kind of machine made Big and Tall non fashions usually favored by busy athletes. Whichever, he almost unfailingly wears a hat of some kind. He's one of few open Anarchs in the Santa Fe area, preferring a level of solitude.
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      Theme Music

      City of Albuquerque

      Albuquerque Biological Park (Elysium)

      Mort Garson - Plantasia

      San Ysidro Crypt (Sarah Welles & Gorrion)

      Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - Winter

      Effex Nightclub (Rack)

      Hanzel und Gretyl - Ich Bin Uber Alles

      Fantasy World (Rack)

      Dave Navarro - Rexall

      Slate Street Billiards (Rack)

      Timbuk 3 - The Future's So Bright

      Nick's Crossroads Cafe (Elysium)

      Creedence Clearwater Revival - Heard It Through The Grapevine

      Sacred Arts Tattoo

      Ministry - Effigy

      Albuquerque Public Library B2

      The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb

      Hillcrest Cemetery (Garden)

      Rezso Seress - Gloomy Sunday

      Sunset Memorial Park & Mount Calvary Cemetery (Gardens)

      Enya - Boadicea

      Knockouts! Topless Bar (Elysium)

      The Weeknd, Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa - Or Nah

      Invictus Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai Academy

      Ronin - King

      Cliff's Amusement Park

      Brick - Dazz

      The Launchpad (Rack)

      Corrosion of Conformity - Clean My Wounds

      Albuquerque Studios

      Orgy - All the Same

      The Lotus Nightclub (Rack)

      Lo Key - Never Sober ft. Kritikal & Masetti

      Katrina Snow's Private Studio

      Sneaker Pimps - 6 Undergound

      Mary Jane's Subterranean Garden

      Infected Mushrooms - Converting Vegetarians

      Simon's Loft

      Harry Nilsson - Put the lime in the coconut

      The Gas Pipe Novelty Shop (Elysium)

      Kottonmouth Kings - Life Rolls On

      Conrad's Underground Station

      Rush - Tom Sawyer

      TD's Eubank Showclub (Rack)

      Busta Rhymes - Break Your Neck

      Felix's Van

      S.P.M. - Wiggy Wiggy

      Sheriff's Townhouse

      The Envy Corps - Rhinemaidens

      Abigail's Schoolhouse

      Rockabye Baby! - Where Is My Mind?

      Isaiah's Penthouse

      Santana - Black Magic Woman

      Katie B's Squat

      Gavlyn - Play the Villain

      Maldito's Workshop

      Psycho Realm - Showdown

      Burt's Tiki Lounge (Elysium)

      Rupert Holmes - Escape

      Back Alley Draft House (Rack)

      16 Volt - And I Go

      The Albuquerque Social Club (Rack)

      Deadsy - Brand New Love

      Rob's House

      Dark Half - Forgive Me

      The Apothecary Lounge (Elysium)

      Hania Zdunek - Alice Is Dead

      The Red

      The Society of Invisibles - Just Us


      The Rail Runner (Train)

      Da Circle - Napalm Ft. Immortal Technique


      City of Santa Fe

      The Dragon Well

      RZA - Samurai Showdown

      Skylight Club (Rack)

      Swans - Mother/Father

      Santa Fe University of Art and Design

      Atmosphere - LoveLife

      Warehouse 21 (Rack)

      Lo Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag

      Second Street Brewery (Rack)

      Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love

      The Draft Station (Rack)

      Free - All Right Now

      Alto Street Boys & Girls Club (Elysium)

      Soul Coughing - Rolling

      Museum Hill (Elysium)

      Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto #2 in C Minor

      The Hillside Manor

      The Allman Brothers - Midnight Rider

      Randall Davey Audubon Center

      Moby - Natural Blues

      Upaya Zen Center & Maha Bodhi Society

      Mesa - Ronin Instrumental

      Casper's Manse

      Soul Coughing - Super Bon Von

      The Palace of the Governors

      Antonio Molina - Soy del Norte

      The Matador Bar (Elysium)

      Cole Porter - Anything Goes

      Kagyu Shenpen Kunchab Temple

      Tibetan Singing Bowls

      St. Vincent Regional Medical Center

      Comsat Angels - Falling


      Other Sites


      El Santuario de Chimayo

      Los Blue Ventures - Ayudame

      The Downs

      Johnny Cash - Highwayman ft. Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson

      Diablo Canyon

      ZAO - Alive is Dead

      Los Alamos National Laboratory

      Monster Magnet - Ego the Living Planet\

      Carlsbad National Park

      Pink Floyd - Time

      Freedom's Hope Tabernacle

      Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden

      Satan's Den Tattoo & Liquor (Elysium)

      Blitzkid - Dementia
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        Major Nathaniel Brooks - Gangrel Primogen after Xochitl got bored with the office. Currently living on a large ranch that hasn't seen formal use in a few dozen years. Brooks is a Veteran of multiple wars, his last being the Philippines - American War, he was embraced shortly after returning home. He stands about average height (5'10"/177.8cm) and is a solid man. He has salt and pepper hair that is rarely seen without his brick style hat on. Brooks often keeps himself isolated from the general happenings of the city but is also a landmark of the community and any ancillae or neonate who has spent more than a few years in the city knows who he is. He didn't involve himself much in the conflict with the Sabbat unless a clanmate or local needed him.
        Brooks is a grumpy old man but is well regarded and known to be reliable within the greater area. His Spanish is terrible, mostly due to learning wartime Spanish in Cuba. He is rather static in time, latching onto technological or cultural advancements and not keeping up with new ones for a few decades until it becomes necessary to update himself.

        Mood Music for when visiting the ranch:
        Amon - Khore

        Sampling of what can be heard when he is playing music:
        Swans - Half Life
        Theoretical Girls - Computer Dating
        Glen Branca - Spectacular Commodity

        pls respont


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          Elizabeth Jackson - Malkavian Primogen who has held her position for over a decade. She commands considerable resources from her Domain in the Hotel Parq Central. She was Embraced in the twenties and has changed a lot in her ninety years of unlife, going from innocent victim of circumstance to ruthless social manipulator. Liz is a thin woman who stands only a little over five feet tall, with a face that betrays nothing she doesn't wish it to. She has soft green eyes alongside curled blonde hair of medium length and tends to wear clothing that, while provocative in her living years, now comes off as somewhat reserved. Jackson readily involves herself in the affairs of the city and is a clearly visible member of the community, she looks out for her Clan and is known to throw some good parties. She was young when the conflict with the Sabbat began, with her experiences of that time imbuing a deep fear of the Sect within her.
          Assuming she hasn't fed too recently, Liz acts with a sense of sanity and clarity rare among Malkavians, but she is in truth terrified that she will one day lose control entirely. She can read the meaning of things in the world around her, but worries about the horrors they portend for her and those closest to her. As time wears on, she feels a sense of paranoia growing within her.
          Liz occasionally slips back to using slang from her living years and is almost never seen without a cigarette.

          Mood Music for the Hotel Parq Central:
          Bohren & Der Club of Gore - On Demon Wings

          Liz's Listening Music:
          Peggy Lee - Why don't you do right?

          Billy Holiday - All or Nothing At All

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            PC-Yorgos Venizelos-Current de facto Nosferatu Primogen. This young greek (now greek-american) Ancilla has amased quite a lot of power and influence despite his short unlife. Claiming domain over most of the Rack, owning the vast mayority of night clubs, strip joints and other more legally dubious bussinesses and providing access to his select herd in exchange for favors, he has become an unvaluable part of Albuquerque's night life. Former mobster and human traficker, Yorgos is a rara avis among his clanmates. Elegant, charismatic, with an impecable taste and suave demeanor more common among other bloodlines like the Ventrue or Toreador he has nonetheless gained the the support of all the city Nosferatu due to his devotion to the brood, pouring his considerable resources to the betterment of his brethen's unlife. His palid, almost transparent, flesh which shines perpetually wet over a flexible and soft cartaligenous skeleton paired with his distendable jaw full of small, needle-like teeth, makes the Nosferatu Primogen the (un)living image of a human abyssal fish. This strikes quite the contrast with his tailored made three pieces suits and designer shoes, and the general luxury of his personal haven. Yorgos never settles for anything but the best.

            I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


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              Setting Info

              New Mexico State Maps







              Manzano Mountains

              Albuquerque Skyline

              Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center

              The Palace of the Governors

              The La Fonda Hotel

              Hotel El Dorado

              Inn of Loretto

              La Posada Hotel


              Cliff's Amusement Park



              Albuquerque Biopark




              Nick's Crossroads Café


              The Apothecary Lounge

              the Matador Bar

              Museum Hill


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                Mortal NPCs


                Wren - A petite and waifish strawberry blonde, Wren makes her living as the public face of Black Mesa Designs, her regnant's fashion business.. A fashionista to the core, her tendency to embrace new styles and fad dieting is apparent in her thin frame. Her most recent liquid cleanse, a scarlet blend compliments of Adeline, seems to really be working wonders for her.

                Jill Colby - Friendly, smart and cute as a button, Jill acts as Katrina Snow's private assistant and Whip-in-training. Her chestnut hair is usually done up in an 'office chic' bun, but the sky is the limit for her when out on the town.. Her roots in the Los Angeles entertainment industry and polished personality make her indispensable to Snow

                Travis Canter - Chauffeur and decades long lackey of Sheriff Brady. Appearing to be in his early 20s instead of deep into his 60s, thanks to the Blood, his shaggy brown hair often hides his supernaturally acute green eyes. Being around as long as he has makes him about as knowledgeable as any of the Sheriff's Hounds.

                Marvin Trimble - Thrall to Alex Simms and Lead Engineer of Special Projects at Los Alamos National Labs. Sandy haired, paunchy and bespectacled. Marvin is an unassuming fellow, which Simms appreciates. He's efficient, not easily noticed and creative.

                Joe Roybal - Night Manager at Evidence for the Santa Fe Police Department and thrall to the Nosferatu Horace Gallows.

                Alejandro - An odd but friendly old man who lives with with Abigail. Standing at about an even five feet tall, he's not an imposing figure. He's balding, the ring of graying, fuzzy black hair surrounding his bare pate reminiscent of a Friar's shaved crown. His liver-spotted hands seem fairly strong, despite the apparent deterioration of his joints, presumably from arthritis. He seems very perceptive, despite his obviously diminished eyesight. His ability to read minds in apparent, the Malkavian blood from Abigail enhancing whatever Second Sight the man had before ghouldom.

                Gabriel Greene - Chauffeur and attendant to Prince Santiago. Originally from Chicago, his city accent tends to come through at raised volume.

                Gerald Greene - Son of Gabriel and often private chauffeur for the Malkavian Primogen. He acts as an extension of the Apothecary Lounge's Elysium services, providing transportation to Elysium guests and even their evening's vessel.

                Dr. Melanie Pullman - Professor of Forensic Medicine at the University of New Mexico and Chief Medical Examiner for the Albuquerque Metro Police. Known by the court to be in thrall to the Lasombra Whip.


                Rabbi David Rosen - Former head rabbi of the Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Fe, he acts as a spiritual advisor to the current head and has been the guardian of Caleb for decades

                Prof. Malcolm Collier - Research chemist and professor at the UNM teaching hospital. He's often worked with the Lasombra Whip on research projects, though he seems to know nothing of Francisco's true nature.


                Fu Chen Qiao - Chinese national living in Santa Fe for more than a decade. He teaches Baguazhang, Wing Chun and Tai Chi when he's not racking up Boons on the Circuit for his martial arts studio. His mastery of certain techniques has made him a Circuit favorite.

                Ramon Benavidez - Tall, handsome and stoic this young bruiser stands at 6'8" and is usually seen in his Marine Corps training clothes when not in the ring. Beyond the necessary social maneuvering needed to stay in the Red Circuit, Ramon keeps to himself.

                Mitsuko Shimizu - A follower of the Budo philosophy, this quiet and polite fighter is usually willing to engage in intellectual conversations about the martial arts. She's equally as willing to leave such conversations should they become derailed. A practitioner of many classical Japanese martial arts, she's currently undefeated in the Circuit, something she herself never mentions.

                Lorenzo Espinoza - Tanned, middle-aged, of average height and sporting a long ponytail of black hair, Lorenzo comes from a long line of Curanderos and medicine men. His healing abilities are often sought out by Red Circuit fighters and even the occasional Ghoul or Fledgling.

                Susie Six-Step - Young and punk, this goth babydoll brawler is known for her swift and graceful movement as much as her crushing blows. A dancer pushing her art towards destruction, the significance isn't lost on Susie. Her accessories often feature depictions of the Hindu god Shiva.

                B. Skinner - A pale but healthy looking young blonde woman in her 20s, with bright blue eyes accented with cerulean streaks in her hair. Skinner has been making a living on the Red Circuit for a few years. The young but gifted telekinetic in Converse All-Stars picks her fights carefully and uses her supernatural skills with ruthless efficiency.

                Lobsang Lhasa - A Tibetan Buddhist monk who seems to be aware of the Supernatural, and has thus far greeted most Kindred on friendly terms. He does, however, make sure to warn all Kindred that any feeding or other harmful activity will not be tolerated on or near temple grounds. A frightening aura of power is often reported to accompany these warnings.

                Paul "Nutter Butters" Nunez - Part-time sewer dweller and off-grid survivalist, his mode of dress is military surplus and Salvation Army couture. Tall enough to be routinely referred to as "big guy" by strangers, Paul is very lean, but not emaciated. His shaggy, often unkempt brown locks don't do him any favors with police looking to harass the homeless. He's had a few small run-ins with the Nosferatu, but so far, he's not been a problem. In fact, rumor has it that he's befriended some of the ghouls at the UNM spawning pool and helps guard that entrance to the Warrens. That particular rumor strikes a few as incomplete, though. if not totally misinformed.
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                  Neonate PCs

                  Frank “Nero” Harker - Daughter of Cacophony. Former Hound to the Sheriff.

                  Most would dismiss this old gentleman at first glance, or at the very least look at him with an almost fatherly respect. Nero is a rarity amongst his kind, an old male frozen in almost timeless manner by the spells of Sirens. However, when on the hunt, Bill Brady’s Hound shows none of the traits associated with old age and instead displays cunning and serenity associated with a master of his craft.

                  Former Quitman, Mississippi Police Officer, veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and local blues musician Frank Harker has always been a man of few words, preferring to express himself via his beautifully aged voice. Despite having lived in Albuquerque for the past five years, little is known of his motivations or personal history, instead most of his Status has arisen from his success as a Hound, a job most feel he was a natural fit for due to his outstanding military and police force record.

                  His haven and domain lies in the Mission Hills apartment complex in Albuquerque, where he can be found spending his spare time fixing an old 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS.

                  Deceased. Met Final Death in the traps of the Northern Warren.

                  Adeline Navarro - Toreador. Former Court Scribe.

                  Quietly charming with a quick smile that rarely reaches her eyes, Adeline might go entirely unnoticed if not for her art, which she has the pleasure of being able to wear. A successful fashion designer and textile artist in life, Addie continues her business in unlife with the help of a ghoul proxy named Wren. As her business demands, Addie is always impeccably current, on the cutting edge not just of aesthetics but also of technology and social media. This tendency, in addition to her reserved and discrete demeanor, earned her a position as a scribe to the local court. Despite her gratuitous use of social media, Addie is a fiercely private individual. Her haven in Santa Fe railyard is a place that few will ever see without an appointment, and those that make it inside will find her most private spaces behind heavy lock and key. She's known to be a diplomatic sort, almost to the point of dullness, as she rarely seems willing to give a candid opinion about anything. Even when she does, it's entirely likely that she'll give the exact opposite opinion to someone else just to hedge her bets.

                  Addie is most often seen in an eclectic mix of jeans, ethnic-inspired blouses and sweaters, casual white dresses and boots--sensible footwear seems to be her most critical accessory

                  Deceased. Met Final Death in the traps of the Northern Warren.

                  Evelyn Young - Brujah. Childe of Fiona Kristof.

                  A petite late twenty-something woman with disarming light blue eyes and golden locks held neatly in a bun. A former arts critic, the more outgoing but overall less impressive of Fiona's two childer. A wry, respectful individual who searches for her own unique form of 'self-expression,' other Kindred find her personality seemingly 'unexpansive' for a Brujah. Resides in Albuquerque, (theoretically) distant from the politicking and intrigues of the Santa Fe Court

                  Deceased. Met Final Death at the hands of a Hunter

                  Artemis - City Gangrel. Childe of Brotha Damu.

                  Artemis is a young and muscular man who lives by a "Let It Die" mentality which he gained a few years ago after hitting rock bottom. Unable to hold onto a decent job and with no family willing to support him, Artemis found himself living the life of a drifting hobo. Happenstance had him arriving eventually in Albuquerque, where he got into a fist fight with some local street punks whose strings were, unknown to Artemis, being pulled by one Russell DuBois. Impressed with his fighting prowess, Dubois embraced him. Artemis now works as a bouncer at Knockouts! Topless Bar, all the while waiting for his next fix of adrenaline.
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