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[OOC] The Curious Case of Gloria Margaret Calloway (MtAw 2E)

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    I wouldnt actually mind using Discord for fast communication myself. It would make some of the OOC talk easier.


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      I have to be honest here. I'm not sure if I can do this.

      The last time I tried to run a Play by Post game I couldn't handle the stress of STing combined with the events that were transpiring at that time in my life, and it collapsed. There were a lot of good players in that game, just like there are here. And I don't want to put anyone through that ever again.

      So, I'm pulling the breaks on this project for the time being. I need to re-evaluate exactly if I have the fortitude to run a Mage the Awakening 2nd Edition Chronicle, and exactly what kind of Chronicle that would be. I'll return at the beginning of February and either have a more solid ground for exactly what this Chonicle is going to be and what's to be expected of it from the player character perspective, or cancel the project out right.

      I apologies again to everyone both from the beginning and new, you are all a good player base and have shown such creativity and promise from the character designs put forth so far. This is me getting my house in order so that I don't string anyone along into an unstable and unsustainable Chronicle, and I thank you all for the support that has been shown so far.

      I promise I will keep you updated.


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        Eh that's perfectly fine. STing can be stressful. Take your time and come back to us when you're ready. I'm not in much hurry.


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          Character sheet Complete


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            Character sheet done. Still not sure about Aspirations.


            Simurgh, Mysterium Thyrsus in Mountains of Shadow (IC|OOC)


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              I'm sorry everyone, but I'm canceling this project. I've given it a lot of though and have concluded that I am still waaaaay out of my league to feel comfortable running a Mage the Awakening game. I cannot apologies enought to you all, and am sorry for having strung everyone along in the first place.

              I hope you all are able to find games elsewhere that are much more successful and enjoyable.


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                A shame, thanks for giving it a thought though

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