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[OOC] [Changeling: the Lost] What Lies Beneath

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  • [OOC] [Changeling: the Lost] What Lies Beneath

    What Lies Beneath

    The Truth

    The static is gentle at first, but gradually becomes louder, more insistent. "This is Radio Freedom, voice of the common... we urge y-... bow to the false masters of the so-called Courts. Like the heroes of legend, rise and fight for the power rightfully yours! Shatter the... of complacency! New enemy lurks in the darkness, face him... mortals... destined to rule... I, Pier Gerlofs Donia, demand that you act!" The rest of the message drowns in the noise, but you were done listening anyway. Transmissions like these have been broadcasted at a particular frequency for over a week now, and they had caused quite the disturbance in the freehold of Amsterdam. It never was a quiet place, but now almost every assembly ends with people jumping at each other's throats. Some genuinely believe this to be what Pier had intended for the changelings, while the others insist this is a load of crap, but everyone is extremely curious as to the source of this signal. Every single changeling in the freehold of Amsterdam, Netherlands would like to ask a few questions to whoever is broadcasting this, particularly those high up in the Courts chain of command.

    And there are the dreams.

    Everyone has them, even mortals. First reported about two weeks ago, they are of black fire and white teeth, waves of dark blood drowning the city. You try to run, but the tide always catches up with you, crushing you like a fly. Although some sages interpret them symbolically rather than literally they seem more real than any dream you've ever had and it is certain that they announce a terrible event. The big question is... can it be stopped?

    The sky is heavy with tension filling the world of fae and mortals alike. Civil unrest is the highest in many years,and people just look for an excuse to get violent. Something needs to be done, and fast. This is where you come in.

    The Legend

    Once upon a time, there was a ragtag band of changelings in the city of Amsterdam, where endless conflicts and Balkanized politics mired the community in distrust and deception. The pitiful motleys allied and backstabbed each other, fighting over scraps of territory and magical power. It had made them an easy target for the Others, who either controlled the changelings from the shadows or snatched them back to Arcadia.

    All of that has changed when a man calling himself Grote Pier came to the city. If the stories are to be believed, he had considerable power even then, so he likely hailed from another freehold - and that's about all of his personal information that is more or less agreed upon (even his kith and seeming are up to a debate). Exactly why he came to such a pit of despair is lost to time, but the fact remains that by bribing, deceiving or duelling all of his contenders he assumed the mantle of the first - and last - ruler of the Free Duchy of Amsterdam. He united the people under his banner and acted as a judge, lawmaker and military leader for many years. Again, if the stories are to be believed, his rule was harsh but just and nobody wanted for anything. His greatest achievement, however, is the Battle of Burning Thorns, where he led an army of changelings against the overwhelming forces of a True Fae, whose name was also lost, but who sought to enslave thecity. The battle was won, but at a great cost - many died that day, and even though Grote Pier managed to gut the Fae with its own sword (now known as Penance), he, too, sustained a grave wound that would kill him days later. Knowing that and seeing no clear successor to his throne, he divided the city between the four Courts that still exist today.

    That was four centuries ago, and every Court has its own details to add to this story, claiming to uphold Grote Pier's legacy exactly as he intended. As time progressed, memories and physical artefacts were lost, so there were many internal conflicts (violent and not) over turf and the law of the land. Elder changelings compare the present day to other periods like that, where things were dancing on the tip of a knife, and a whisper was enough for them to either find new balance or fall into a time of chaos.

    The Kings and their Thrones

    Frank Dijksma - the King of Spring, this gigantic man is the most hospitable and kind person you will ever meet. His blushing red cheeks, bald head and enormous belly are visible from a mile away, and he is constantly seen either drinking a beer, eating cookies or talking on the phone. He maintains the highest profile in the freehold, owning a brewery and several bars and restaurants. His oldest locale, "The Golden Tavern" is a neutral ground when all changelings meet and do business. You cannot shake the feeling that he is hiding something behind this cherry facade, though.
    Seeming: Ogre
    Kith: Bloodbrute
    Castle: Sauna club - a sauna session, massage, a drink with fine dining meal and some privacy - those and more can be found here. Although none of the courtiers live here, they come here often to unwind and discuss internal matters. They get a VIP card, which gives them free access to all of these facilities and a set of conference rooms on the second floor. The place itself, the Crystal Baths, is tastefully luxurious, employing a very discreet staff.

    Cleopatra - the Queen of Summer, unlike some of her counterparts in other freeholds, eschews frontal assaults and flashy action. Instead, this horribly mutilated supermodel-turned-Darkling employs ambushes, traps and cruel games, only to leave her victim viciously slashed by one of her knives. She is vengeful and bitter, although she had developed something of a wicked maternal instinct for the freehold, even if she won't admit it.
    Seeming: Darkling
    Kith: Razorhand
    Castle: Training grounds in a warehouse - after chasing out the junkies that took residence there, the Summer Court could fit the grounds with a shooting range, an area to practice martial arts and one to facilitate training in stealth techniques. When they were finished, plenty of space remained to place an improvised war room, a mesa hall and throw in a really impressive arsenal. A few hammocks hang in the back for emergency situations, but courtiers are encouraged to be self-sufficient in terms of a place to stay.

    The Peacock Prince - the King of Winter is a young man that has woven the threads of his new persona so tightly that even he believes them - sometimes. Most of the time he wears an ornate porcelain mask (hence the moniker), behind which two persons linger - one is like a blizzard, harsh, judgmental and competitive, the other like fresh snow - soft, supportive, great team player. No one, probably not even he himself knows which one is the original.
    Seeming: Elemental
    Kith: Snowskin
    Castle: An old house in a back alley - this Renaissance house is in pristine condition. Definitely off the beaten sightseeing path, nobody walks this alley besides a handful of lost tourists and some older residents who definitely enjoy the silence of this old part of town. The house is modest in its decoration both inside and outside , and there always seems to be just enough rooms to accommodate all courtiers of Winter. The air in the numerous chambers is chilly, and all of the portraits inside were turned to face the walls - too many residents complained about the feeling of being followed by the painted figures' gaze.

    The Black Widow - an ageless woman in plain clothes, yet carrying herself like royalty, is the Queen of Autumn. She peddles in information and items enchanted and mundane alike, and is greatly interested in arcane lore. She personally oversees the Goblin Market in the city and everyone who spent more than a day here knows that if you need to get a hold of something - be it a ritual incantation, a Token or a tank - the Autumn Court can get it for you... for a price. The Black Widow rarely accepts money as payment, preferring to trade for another piece of information or a service, often employing oaths for that purpose. Rumour has it, that she stays so well informed because the tortured ghosts of those who failed to pay or tried to cross her spy for her.
    Seeming: Beast
    Kith: Venombite
    Castle: A run-down motel - it is a building rotten to the core, closed down decades ago and yet somehow slipping the authorities' attention. Whoever could afford it had left this neighbourhood long ago, and those who stayed know better than to ask about the men and women who come here in the dead of night. The weird lights and noises that sometimes erupt from here are particularly discouraging. Inside, the hotel has everything an Autumn Court could ever need, from living quarters and a bar (all equipped with hot water and electricity) to laboratories and torture chambers, to archives and libraries. The basement is a focal point of secret tunnels that apparently span the entire city. The top floor is the Black Widow's suite, where she gives orders and receives intelligence.

    Together, they form the Council of Seasons, with three members acting as advisors to the current King or Queen. The power was recently handed over to the Spring Court again. The territory held by each Court is not a single mass, but rather a patchwork of four Seasons,with no Court holding definitive supremacy in any part of the city.

    There's also...

    Nimue and the Organ Grinder - She was always the tiniest and most shy girl in her class, however with a great knack for creating useful things, like clockworks, dolls, even machines. He was a boxer, a mountain of flesh trained in making a bloody mess out of others. When they stumbled upon each other in the Hedge during the escape they teamed up, and the relationship continues ever since. She's made a name for herself as an artificer and computer expert, while he tears to shreds all those who get clever ideas about her or her stock. She is a fickle child, existing only as her Internet username Nimue: if she likes you, she will work wonders for you, if she doesn't - you get a faulty object or nothing at all. The pair tries to stay out of Court politics, and although some frown upon their partnership, they are quickly hushed by those who need something done.
    Seeming: Fairest and Ogre
    Kith: Smith and Gargantuan

    Character creation rules
    - The scenario can accomodate up to 5 players.
    - Any official material available is fair game. Wherever 1E and 2E rules are contradictory or mutually exclusive, 2E takes precedence. If you want to use something homebrewed, I'd like to know first and if you use something from outside the core rulebook, indicate where it's from, for ease of reference.
    - Your characters get 10 XP to spend however you like. Universal Contracts, those of your Court and those that your Seeming has an affinity with cost 3 points per dot. All others cost 4. A dot of Wyrd costs 5, a point of Clarity - 2.
    - Your backstory should be short, 10-12 sentences at most. As you write it, consider the following:

    1. What does your character fear the most?
    2. If your character could get one thing, what would it be?
    3.What are the character's ties to the mortal world? Does she have a job or a family?
    4.Does your character have a secret that could cast her out of either fae or mortal world? Is she a keeper of such secret of another person?
    5.What was your character's reason for joining a Court or staying Courtless?

    - Make the character that you want to play. Just because someone has already picked a Court, Seeming or Kith doesn't mean that you can't.
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    Reserving this space for when I can post an in-progress sheet.
    Fireheart Beast, Autumn courtier law-scholar hellhound lady. Folklorist by hobby, scholar of fear, be terrified of her bork. BORK.
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      Ditto. Working on an Elemental Chatelaine. Concept is a butler type guy that's in the know about court politics.


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        Posted the link in the old thread to make sure everyone knew we're here.


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          Thanks! I see you've made your character sheet at myth-weavers. If it's not a problem I'd ask all of you to use this sheet, for ease of reference: And while we're discussing technicalities, all rolls will be handled via

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            I can do that, but where are we storing them? Google Drive? Or do we attach them directly to posts here?


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              You can upload it Google Drive, Dropbox or any other service/website that makes it readily accessible for everyone.


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                I know that you asked me to look for a different game but I would like to be a reader to see how it is played.


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                  What? I never said that. When I said "future game" I meant *this one*. You are most welcome to join!

                  I'm sorry for not being clear earlier.


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                    I am interested in playing, though I don't have a character yet. I am thinking a glamour artificer of some kind.


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                      My misunderstanding. I will look to see if I can understand the rules enough to make a character, i was looking at being a Leprechaun but I will need to look at what I want him to do.


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                        Just to be clear, for anyone aiming to create a character: here are two documents from Open Development regarding kiths and general template rules. The former do not replace kiths from books already published, it merely amends them (so if kith blessings work differently in two editions, this document is binding, but a kith from a book that is not described in the document is still good material and you can use it as described in the book). The latter introduce some changes that are reflected on the character sheet linked above.

                        Changeling template


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                          Finally settled on a concept, got a pretty fun/interesting one I think. Can I deliberately lower my Clarity rating at the start? I want my character to start out with a rather tenuous grasp on reality and some fairly major psychological knots to work through.


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                            Hey there, didn't see the original thread in time, but I'd like to throw my hat in the ring. Was thinking about an emergency responder of the Winter Court or something along those lines


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                              @MatabiMitsu - sure, you can do that, just keep in mind that you will have to work with the rest of the PCs, so making your character "mentally shaken" is okay, but making it "barely sane" is strongly discouraged. As much fan as trvelling with a time bomb is, it can be strenuous if it goes off every scene, if you know what I mean.

                              Arudin - Absolutely, You are encouraged to post your PC.