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[OOC] [Changeling: the Lost] What Lies Beneath

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    You're right, no use mixing the two systems - so let's stick to 1e Contracts. Of course, no one has to limit themselves with just the corebook, Contracts from other books are okay too.


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      I hate to say it, but I don't know if I'm going to be consistently having enough time to play this. Sorry, all, hope you have a good game!

      Abyssals: Whom Death Has Called, a PEACH-as-heck attempt to make an Abyssal 3E holdover.

      Where I try to make Artifacts. When I finish them I'll probably post them in the Artifact Workshop thread so people can help me hammer them into shape.


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        I've got everything but my description and background written up. Going to be a busy week though, lots of late nights. I'll try to figure out when I can finish up the sheet and post it.


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          I know it's past the deadline, but is there any chance of me being able to get in on this still? Character is 90% done in stats and backstory already anyway. I understand if that's not possible though.

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