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[OOC-2] [Exalted 2.5] The Scarlet Sky Conspiracy – An Epistolary Game

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    Yeah but there's level of scale for changes and I feel "Totally changing origin and history of most Celestial splats" bears a mention


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      Be out Thursday until Monday. Get your letters in and Inmay be able to get the next week started before I go!


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        I forgot to mention this, but the Artifact made was a pair of fate rings (artifact war fans) that mote steal death essence and do some sort of anti-undead explosion.


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          Sorry for the lack of PM's, I'd been stolen by X-Com and I'll get my head back in the game now.

          This one! Not X-Com.

          How do people feel about a new player? I've got interest, but we're pretty far along.


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            I'm fine with a new player as long as they meet the basis of the game at least half-way. No more Exthalions trying to break the game for their own fun please. Also I no longer feel bad about waiting forever for my PM since I wasn't the only one distracted by a video game (Baldur's gate).


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              So time to speak up since you've probably noticed I've been slowing down. Sadly I think I'm gonna have to call it quits, I'm really struggling to keep it going and forcing it will just keep everyone waiting on me all the time. It's a rough game to run with so much going on and I've just not been able to put the work in it needs.

              It's been fun! Sorry to have a second GM up and bail on you though, I feel rotten for that D:


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                Yeah, it's super rough basically running three games all at once. I've enjoyed having you here a great deal. Thanks for all your effort!


                That's one of the reasons I sort of liked the epistolary game, where it could be much more 'drawn down' with only a little bit of description + a dice roll or two to cover things that would normally be an entire scene. In theory it should have helped avoid burnout, but in practice... we'll, we've now burned out two STs.

                To the other players - what do you want to do next? Look for another new ST? Give it up and move on ( )? Something else?


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                  Honestly I've been struggling to find things to do as well, I can't sit back and let someone else be the center of attention for a session or two to build inspiration back up like in a normal playstyle. I always had fun, but dear god could letters turn into a slog when both the player and the ST are struggling to figure out how the hell to make a specific thing interesting. Idk about you guys but sometimes I would know very quickly when I got a reply and wait a few days anyway because I had no idea what to write about..