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[Play By Post] What Lurks Beneath The Waves IC Thread

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  • [Play By Post] What Lurks Beneath The Waves IC Thread

    To be on the sea for five weeks could be maddening, but a peaceful five weeks without any sightings of Fair Folk raiders is far more preferable than an "exciting" fate should one fall into the Rakshas' clutches.

    The sound of the sanxian playing during the voyage so far provided by the VIP on board, Brilliant Snow Crow, is the only thing that breaks up the monotony of the trip. As the ship moves midway through the Dreaming Sea, normally considered the most dangerous portion of the trip, Brilliant Snow Crow's performance becomes softer, as if trying to calm the passengers and crew while trying to minimize his volume.

    Another thing to be thankful for is the weather, which is quite windy but generally calm, and the clouds provide some measure of shade without colliding with each other enough to gather into storm clouds, enabling this trip to remain smooth and swift. And it is at this midway point where Haven's assigned escort ship, The Spry Mollusk, will accompany the merchant's vessel for the remainder of the journey.

    Brilliant Snow Crow is a handsome young man with snow white hair and well-tailored blue silk clothes. He has a sanxian made from fine antique wood with blue jade parts and silvery strings. He is also never seen without a solid blue jade smoking pipe with delicate wires wrapped around the luxury item. He is friendly to the rest of the passengers and often hosts feasts on the deck of the luxury vessel for all passengers at his expense, making use of the mingling sessions to talk to each passenger and ask for their life stories, which under the influence of good food and wine, the passengers are all too willing to tell. He has a bodyguard who is very quiet and keeps to himself, preferring to stay in a quiet corner with line of sight to his charge and remain still, till the point where one could mistake him for a statue. When probed about his name, he will simply reply "Strong Oak" and resumes his watch and end the conversation. The only time the man is seen talking is when he is privately conferring with Brilliant Snow Crow, exuding a sort of aura that makes it very clear that his conversation with his employers is private and nobody should get close.

    In the morning, when the two ships meet in the open sea the collective passengers held their breath as they behold the gossamer fittings and decorations on The Spry Mollusk, but it is only when the captain and crew wave the flag of Haven that a collective sigh of relief washes over the deck, with some small cheers.

    OOC: Decide for 5 weeks what your characters will do prior to meeting with The Spry Mollusk.

    Hope's Last Gasp
    Your sifu has given you a small bag of silver as travelling expenses and suggested that Haven might have some allies you can recruit for your personal mission, but also with strong suggestion that you get stronger yourself before embarking on your quest. You bought yourself a ticket and boarded the ship. Decide if you would tell Brilliant Snow Owl your actual life story or whether you'll make something up.

    You had been venturing around the Scavenger lands for a few months when one day, waking up from your camp site you find a tree spirit that tells you that it has received a message requesting you make your way to Haven and provides you the directions and a ticket onto a luxury vessel. If you try to investigate, all you will be told is that it at the behest of a few powerful gods that request your presence in Haven. Decide if you will tell Brilliant Snow Crow your actual life story or whether you will make a story up.

    The Spry Mollusk is obviously a fae ship, with all the hardened gossamer fittings and decorations that are attached to a sturdy wooden frame.

    Brilliant Snow Crow is the mayor's son who has returned from the Realm after graduating from secondary school. His father, Austere White Crane does not claim descent or lineage from any of the Realm's Great House but his recent immigration to Haven about a hundred years ago does seem to suggest someone wealthy enough to uproot himself and his family and move all the way to the edge of Creation to be an easy thing to do. You and your crew and ship are dispatched to escort the mayor's son back to Haven safely.
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    These last five weeks leading up to the meeting with Brilliant Snow Crow's return voyage have been a boon of peace, giving Paxrae and his crew more time to accustom themselves to the Spry Mollusk. It's a bit larger than his last vessel, but no slower for it. Once Murder at Sea (Paxrae's first mate has a very morbid sense of humor, naming their crew such) has learned the quirks and peculiarities of her, she'll be the preeminent force on Haven's share of the Dreaming Sea.

    "Good Tides!" Paxrae exclaims jovially form his vantage at the bow. "I, Captain Paxrae and the Spry Mollusk are at your service. I believe you're awaiting an escort to Haven? Well then be at ease, it has arrived!" Paxrae delivers an elaborate bow and awaits permission to board from the merchant vessel, as is only proper, to discuss the escort protocols with the captain.


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      While many bemoan the prospect of 5 weeks at sea, Mirrin's eyes shine with a childlike brightness at the prospect of new sights, new seas, and new stories. During the day the youngster can be found exploring hidden nooks and hideaways of the strange, dreaming ship, and can often be found clambered halfway up a mast or rigging, looking eagerly out to the horizons, or trying to catch a glimpse of things drifting beneath the surface of the sea.

      In the evenings Mirrin sits and listens to songs and stories as as the young nobleman talks with the passengers. When Brilliant Snow Crow turns his attention to Mirrin - knowing that the best lies are woven from threads of truth - Mirrin tells of childhood poverty in Nexus, of serving middling lords of the streets to survive, and of finding service and use to other, more powerful figures as a messenger to whom most turned a blind eye in the streets of a big city. When pressed on the journey to Haven, Mirrin says that there are enough bad memories and nightmares of dark city streets and that it was time to explore the wilder parts of the world. A ticket on the ship was the price of a service performed for someone of means, who suggested that Mirrin's talents might lead to adventure or employment in town's like Haven. So here we are...

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        On the boat, there is a child. She is no more than 9 years old, but from the chalk white skin and blood red lips, it is clear she grew up in a shadowland. She is a quiet girl, any sound her movements make swallowed up by the noises of a ship at sea. In fact, her cat is often more noticable than her.

        If asked about her past, she makes no secret that she is an escaped prisoner of a deathlord, and that the soulsteel cutlery she uses to eat are, in fact, her family. Whenever such topics come up, she hugs her cat, Mr Fluffy (who is a girl), and it purrs and licks her to give her comfort.


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          The formalities with the escort is pretty simple. The cruise ship will continue its course towards Haven while The Spry Mollusk will take the lead as the escort. The captain of this cruise ship named The Gleaming Pearl, Steadfast Turtle, is not as good a mood because a large sum of money was paid for him to cut through the Dreaming Sea rather than his usual route of circling around the coast making port of calls along the way. But since the money is really good he decided to take the risk and move into more unknown (and therefore dangerous) waters. Brilliant Snow Crow gives a grateful smile and nod at Pazrae as he boards the cruise ship letting the two captains do their work uninterrupted as he continues to mingle with the guests.

          Upon hearing Mirrin's story, Brilliant Snow Crow gives a very sympathetic nod, and shows his ability to relate by recounting the cutthroat political plays that even secondary school students engage with each other before they graduate, how disgusting that the lap of luxury blinds people to the problems of the people and how the Immaculate Philosophy practically abuses those not blessed by the Dragons, giving a very clear indication to the other passengers that this young man, with all the markings of the Air-Blessed, is just like them, too far away from the dogmatic Immaculates to be overly influenced by their dogma. He also congratulates Mirrin on being so brave to take the first step into the bigger world, and laments that not many of his fellow kin have the maturity to do the same.

          Perhaps also a testatment to Hope's easily over-looked presence. Few if any was within earshot when she recounts her life story. Brilliant Snow Crow listens intently, giving her his undivided attention, face reflecting the pain as she recounts the circumstances that befell her family even if her face does not show it, the body language and reaction of her cat speaks volumes.

          A week into the voyage after meeting up with The Spry Mollusk, the mists that coil and roll over the surface of the Dreaming Sea seems to have pulled back a little more, revealing a never-before-seen island several miles away, pretty large, with a tall single mountain jutting out from the center of it, capped entirely in ice. Brilliant Snow Crow takes a few moments to look at the island with a small frown, looking at his map. "This is very strange. According to this map, this island wasn't here. Then again it seems that the borders of the Dreaming Sea just got pushed back several miles more as well."

          OOC: Perception + Awareness for everyone. Post your results on the OOC thread.


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            Paxrae could see the island vaguely, as he strains against the mists, it certainly wasn't in the charts, his excellent memory of sea routes didn't fail him. And he spots from the other side of a ship a black speck that approaches them.

            Hope on the other hand feels something chilling running up her spine very very subtly as her gaze lays on the mountain that juts out from the island, and as she moves her view away to the other side of the ship, she seems to spot a black-colored ship moving towards them.

            Mirrin does not notice anything, and presumably joins the others is just looking at the new island, together with Brilliant Snow Crow.


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              "What's that?" Hope exclaims as she points to the black ship. "It looks like a ship!"


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                Brilliant Snow Crow looks at where Hope is pointing and sighs. "It looks like The Spry Mollusk is required to battle. Those who cannot fight, please hide below deck!" he shouts as the deck quickly empties, but he remains on deck.


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                  Hope's Last Gasp, interestingly enough, doesn't leave the deck. She merely turns to Brilliant Snow Crow.

                  "What is it?" She asks curiously.


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                    Brilliant Snow Crow smiles as he plucks a few chords on his instrument, the notes suggesting the beginning of a battle charge.

                    "Pirates it seems. No ship would deliberately dress themselves in black."


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                      Instead of responding verbally, Hope just nods and gets out her mother.


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                        Brilliant Snow Crow frowns at a little girl holding out a knife, albeit a soulsteel knife, and wishing to fight. He had heard her life story, known that it was harsh and even girls like her have the skills to survive, something inside him does not sit right.

                        "Hope, would you not hide in the deck?"


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                          Stunned by sudden awareness of the previously unseen ship, Mirrin leaps back from the ships rails to stand among the passengers and crew readying themselves for battle.

                          Turning to the captain, Mirrin fights against a momentary hesitation before speaking...

                          "If anyone aboard has a bow or even a sling, I have some small knowledge of sorcery and could get them high above this ship to a better position to shoot from."

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                            Paxrae turns to address all aboard." It seems we'll be earning our commission for this voyage. All hands, prepare for a skirmish. If they mean to take the Gleaming Pearl, we'll intercept and either drive them off or board them first. Wait for my signal to attack, diplomacy may still be an option- they clearly aren't aware who they're dealing with." he adds with a smirk.

                            To Hope: "I appreciate your assistance in this matter. Stay close to Brilliant Snow Crow."

                            To Brilliant Snow Crow: "My charge is to see you safe to Haven sir. While I don't have the time or rank to debate with you on risking capture or injury, I do ask that you remain aboard the Mollusk until hostilities have subsided. You will be easier to protect surrounded by my crew."

                            To Mirrin: "Sorcery, eh? A valuable skill, any of my men that are willing are at your disposal. I'm afraid my knives are of little use aloft."

                            Paxrae stretches and rolls his shoulders in anticipation of the task ahead.


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                              Brilliant Snow Crow raises an eyebrow in amusement. "Alright. I shall comply. Let us go Hope."

                              Turning back to look at Paxrae he gives a confident smile. "Naturally since only the Mollusk is the combat-worthy ship, I presume I will be brought into the thick of the action."

                              In response to Paxrae's agreement, one bowman steps up to volunteer.