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[Play By Post] What Lurks Beneath The Waves IC Thread

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    The battle-hardened crew of the Spry Mollusk surges onto the deck of the opposing ship with startling efficiency and begins tearing into the archers before they can launch their first volley.


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      The archers yell out as the weapons smash into them, some of them prematurely firing their arrows into nowhere as they flinch or jerk away from the blows.


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        To the Axe-wielding pirate."You've assaulted a ship bearing passengers headed in peace for Haven. Under Haven's authority and by my blade, you will be brought to justice." Paxrae advances with casual grace, bringing the black and gold blade of his daiklave into a fluid guard.


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          The axe-wielding pirate levels an unreadable gaze at the approaching daiklave as his eyes move up and down at the advancing Paxrae. A scrowl climbs up the corners of his mouth when he hears the second half of Paxrae's statement.

          "You talk too much. Especially that justice bullshit." he grunts as he hefts his massive axe and brings it down in an expertly powerful swing.

          At this close combat range, Paxrae can see dark circles around the man's eyes, and a paler-than-natural hue to his skin, despite the fact that being on sea as pirates means facing the sun and getting tans.

          The sword pirate on the other hand, seems to have minute sparkles in his skin as is his white hair at this closeness seem slightly iridescent like mother of pearl.
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            Paxrae sidesteps the deadly swing, seemingly in time with the rocking of the ship and delivers a lunge as he moves from beneath the path of the massive blade.