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[Recruitment] New Mage: The Awakening (2e) Player Seeks Game, or to Start One

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    Originally posted by Gentle_Rain View Post
    Thanks again.

    I'm not all that familiar with Mage: The Awakening, but I do have a copy of the first edition rulebook lying around and could try to read it in order to catch up. I'm not necessarily sure I want to get a copy of 2E just yet, but could look up rules in an ad hoc way or rely on other people's understanding of them for the purposes of playing. Does PbP just forego dice rolls altogether? What are the relevant mechanics?

    Definitely consider PMing me if people drop out, and we'll talk further.
    There are very significant changes between 1E and 2E, so if you want to play in the Mage 2E game, you would definitely need access to the book in some capacity to play.

    With PBP games, we do indeed use rolls, using online dice roll website that archive rolls so we can all see the results at any time. I use Orokos for CoD games because it allows for complex options related to rolling dice. You can also check out my IC thread for my other game, The Supernal Suburbia, in my signature line for examples of how this works.

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      I think I might pass on this round, since I don't have the book, am more interested in Vampire, and it looks like there's a Vampire game I might be joining. However, I'd definitely like to keep in touch with you in the future, since my access to the book could change and I might be willing to play at a later date.


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        Hallo everybody,
        i'm new to this forum and i don't know if you are still playing.
        If so i'd like to apply to play mage here.
        I've already played a pbp mage in the past as character.

        I've got two character ideas:
        1- A thyrsus healer of the free council. A lone wolf survivalist. One day some journalist filmed him while curing an ailment. From that day on, unwanted fame fell on him.
        2- A mastigos of the mysterium. An investigator specialized in space magic. His main goal would be to explore other planets with the aid of his magic.

        Please knock at my door if you are interested.