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[INTEREST/RECRUITMENT] Mage: the Ascension - 20th - Advanced Characters

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  • [INTEREST/RECRUITMENT] Mage: the Ascension - 20th - Advanced Characters

    Hey, guys!

    So, I'm new around here. I've been around for a while, but I only found this forum recently. So... Here goes nothing.

    Well, I've been cooking a pbf campaign for quite some time now. I've even tried to run it with a former group a year ago, but unfortunately circumstances forced some of us to move and... Long story short, it never saw the light of day.

    The base idea would be to play a Mage: the Ascension campaign, based on the second edition (it might be easily converted to Mage: the Awakening, even though Ascension would be my first choice). The story would be about a group of experienced mages (the players), they themselves masters of the craft, or very near to it. Their fates intertwined, it becomes clear that their association, as well as their lives, are following the very same paths, over and over again, with potential negative outcomes (I won't comment, for the sake of not spoiling anything). As the group's destiny becomes clearer, they have to find ways to deal with fate and the powers they can obtain, while trying to avoid the tragic outcomes foreseen to them - and potentially to all around them.

    The narrative would take place around the 1920's, probably in Detroit or Chicago. Official meta would be used as long as players want to, but for the most part we'd have our own NPC's. The city would have established a council, comprised of the nine traditions, and it would involve the Ascension War as well as a great deal of intrigue between the traditions themselves.

    THEMES: Fate and power. How does one defeat the unending eternal return? Through power? What if power bears the price that will lead to the repetition of past mistakes?

    MOOD: Noir, with lots of intrigue and messianic horror. Secret societies, eccentric mysticism, nietzschean despair and godlike glory awaits!

    MECHANICS: All tradition mages allowed. Orphans allowed. All should be advanced adepts or masters by the beginning, but some space must be left to develop characters (otherwise, no point in discussing how power is attained!)

    So, for now, that's it... If there's any interest, I'll post more! If this catches anyone's eyes, please, answer this thread and we'll put something together!

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    Originally posted by Archon Basileus View Post
    So, for now, that's it... If there's any interest, I'll post more! If this catches anyone's eyes, please, answer this thread and we'll put something together!
    Archon Basileus , are you still around trying to do Mage things?


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      Color me very, very interested. (If a project revolving about either MtAs or MtAw were to take place on this thread, that is.)
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        A book on building advanced mages that are neither over or under powered would be grand. Both stabs at Archmages were both over and under powered at the same time.

        Also if some levels like Initiate, Normal Starter, Experienced Hand, Adept Mover and Shaker, and Master, were defined, it would be grand. I suppose a third stab at Archmages might be tried too.


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          I am certainly up for this! The M20 rules has some great options that if used might be what you are looking for Astro. I've been in a decent advanced game that worked well.