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    "Thanks but no thanks." the rabbit said, holding one of his legs up and wiggling his toes. "Already got two lucky charms attached to me." he smirked at his own joke. If he remembered correctly, that was what they were trying to sell the oxen as well.

    "But, hey, they say third time's the charm, right? I'm sure the next customer will be interested." and with that, he put his leg back down and pocketed the egg again. He would be lying if he said he wasn't at least a little curious about the earrings. But the fact that the merchant seemed pretty keen on getting rid of them didn't sit well with him. Of course, if somebody else wanted to try their hand at getting lucky, it wasn't his place to try and stop them.

    The denim clad rabbit felt his mind starting to drift again with curiosity about the trinkets, baubles and knickknacks about him, so he decided to cut this short now that he knew what he was looking for. Before the merchant could offer him any other deals, he bid them a good day and stepped back out into the street, briskly walking as far away from the enticing stall as possible.


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      While the jean clad rabbit walked away, Toocool, the tall, icy elemental that Nundrex had described, sat hidden away in a run down shed. Among all manner of largely useless, forgotten items, he read the black-covered book he secured with a chess set. As he read, he became uneasy. The secrets revealed by the pages of the book were amazing, but unsettling. Not since his durance had he felt so unsure of how reality really functioned. Toocool's mind raced with the incredible possibilities his newfound knowledge offered him. He had to read more.

      Yet, before he could read much further, Toocool realized that he felt warm. This first realization of discomfort was swiftly followed a sensation vastly more powerful and alarming. All at once, he felt as if magma had come to fill the core of his body, and that this molten rock sought to escape its confinement. He actually felt like he would explode like a volcano. Screaming in terror and unspeakable pain, he leapt to his feet, dropping his book. Rational thought slain by pain and mortal dread, he burst out of the shed and ran. As Toocool raced through the market place in agony and blind terror, he cried out in a bone-chilling voice for everyone to stay away from him, least they die with him. Those who found themselves near his path could feel intense heat coming from Toocool's icy body.
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        "Alright, now where am I going to find-" the rabbit muttered to himself before he was interrupted mid sentence by the sound of distant screaming. He turned his head just in time to see what he assumed was an elemental screaming and flailing about in the streets. "The fuck is going on over there?" he asked in a hesitant tone, not sure if he wanted to get closer. But after a couple more moments of staring, he realized the one screaming roughly matched the description of the elemental he had been looking for. A tall, ice man of sorts was probably a vague description, but it was all he had to go on at the moment.

        "Please don't let this be related to the book..." he said to whatever powers that be, before he briskly made his way towards the screaming changeling. As he got closer, he detected an unpleasant change in the air, like opening a car door after it's been sitting outside on a hot day. The air smelled humid, and he could almost make out heat shimmers coming off the spastic elemental. He made a point to stay out of arm's reach, but still continued his approach, just in case they needed help.


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          Like the jean clad rabbit, the oxen beastling who had once called herself Jessica Sparks also made her way toward suffering elemental. She also wondered if she could help somehow. However, she had no idea what she could possible do. Still, such cries of agony could not be ignored. As she tried to come up with a plan, a goblin brushed by her, carrying what looked a fire extinguisher.

          "I hope this helps," the goblin cried as he sprayed down Toocool with his device. White, soapy foam engulfed the tall elemental. At once, the screaming stopped, and the unnatural heat radiating from the ice elemental disappeared. The white foam covering Toocool started to slowly slide to the ground. As it did, it revealed that the elemental had become completely motionless, like a statue of ice.

          Stunned. the goblin asked. "Is he dead? Did I kill him?"

          Jessica could only reply, "I'm not sure."


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            "I'm 90% certain that ice elementals shouldn't over heat like that." the rabbit said as he watched the unmoving changeling with interest, "But this place loves to screw with my expectations." he added while slowly approaching Jessica's left side. Squatting down, he reached out an arm towards the elemental, trying to see if any heat was still coming off him. At the very least, the air was starting to feel less humid now, so he should have been relatively safe to approach.

            "I saw you in the market earlier." he casually stated while passing a sideways glance to the oxen girl as he withdrew his arm and rose back to full height. "My name's Kyle." he finally introduced himself. "I hope you didn't buy anything from that luck salesman, because I believe this guy was a more recent customer of his." he put his paws in his jacket pockets and looked down at the ground absently as he tried to think of what else he could do. He couldn't exactly question an unconscious changeling, assuming he was still alive. And even if he could, something didn't feel right about it. Kyle couldn't imagine a scenario where offering to buy something from somebody who just had a near death experience was a socially acceptable course of action.


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              Jessica replied, "No. I didn't buy anything.

              Jessica then introduced herself, but only gave her first name. Someone or something else was Jessica Sparks now. After giving her name, she asked, "But, forgive my asking, but have we met before?"

              The Collector had certainly had a rabbit person among her fellow Chinese Zodiac-themed prisoners. However, was Kyle that rabbit person? Maybe, but her memories were so vague. She wished that she remembered the whole thing better. She added, "I'm sorry. My memory is not great in certain areas."


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                (I don't think Evilmarmelade will be joining us, after all. )

                "Have we?" Kyle asked in response to Jessica's question. Since his initial escape, he had been trying not to think too much about his first time here. It usually brought up some unpleasant 'flash backs' that forced others to restrain him before he could hurt anybody. But enough time had passed that he was confident one quick scan through his memories shouldn't cause too much trouble.

                "Ohhh, right..." the rabbit's ears twitched under his hoody, "You were with that first group of escapees, weren't you?" Not all the members of the collection had escaped together, or even at the same time as one another. Kyle was part of the later group who took advantage of the chaos Jessica's team had stirred up. It was thanks to her friends that the Keeper was too distracted to keep an eye on the others.

                "Well, this is unfortunate, because I believe this guy is in possession of something... I promised... to retrieve for somebody." Kyle began to scan around the area, hoping to narrow down where the elemental had been coming from before his collapse onto the ground. If he was lucky, the book had been left behind and he could simply retrieve it while everybody was distracted.


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                  (Perhaps that can change in the future)

                  Jessica nodded, and looked down glumly, trying to remember. "I hoped they escaped. I'm certainly glad that at least you escaped. Maybe I can help you find whatever it is you're looking for."

                  As Jessica spoke, Kyle noticed the unfortunate elemental had actually left behind tracks. The heat that had beset the changeling had apparently caused the very soles of his feet to sear the earth beneath them. Maybe he would be lucky.


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                    Even without his magically heightened bestial senses, Kyle would have been hard pressed not to notice the obvious burnt foot prints left in the elemental's wake. Although he was pretty sure an ice elemental wasn't supposed to leave prints like these. At best, one might expect steaming puddles to form behind him, not scorched earth. He made a mental note to himself that whatever secrets this book contained, he had no intentions of reading it. If the same thing happened to Kyle, he didn't have the luxury of being made out of water to at least mitigate the damage somewhat.

                    "Well, things look to have calmed down, for him at least." he finally said, keeping his eyes on the tracks, "Think I should follow these before the Wyrd decides to clean up the streets." He wasn't sure if that's how things actually worked, but he wouldn't put it past a goblin market to have some sort of magical cleaning pixies or whatever that kept the roads clean for people to walk on.


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                      Jessica nodded. She asked, "What me to come along? Safety in numbers."

                      Before Kyle could reply, a large figure with red horns and a great, shaggy beard strode forward from the crowd. He had on an outfit of green and white. Glaring at Jessica, the newcomer bellowed, "You';re going no where, cow! Not until you pay me what you owe me!"

                      "I have no idea who you are!" protested Jessica, clearly confused.

                      The bulky, green clad figure waved his hand dismissively. "Whatever, cow!"


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                        The rabbit hesitated as Jessica offered to join him, but after a few moments, he decided that if something did end up going horribly wrong, he would have preferred having somebody around to help out.

                        "Sure, safety in numbers." he agreed, just before she was harassed by an apparently angry merchant. This caught his attention, too, because he wasn't sure if a fight was about to break out. The tension caused him to absently scratch behind his left ear as he tried to figure out a way to resolve this situation without making a big scene.

                        "She owes you what, now?" Kyle asked, passing his glances between the two of them.


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                          The large, red horned figure in green and white turned toward the rabbit. He exclaimed, "I sold her most of my memories! And now the cow refuses to pay! Is that fair?"