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IC [Exalted 3e] The Pirates of the Gilded Throne

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  • IC [Exalted 3e] The Pirates of the Gilded Throne

    The sun shines high in the sky as you all walk along the cobblestone streets of Flotsam. The mid-morning breeze wafts the air with the scent of the salty oceans all around you, lifting the awnings of the market bazaar, and also shaking the flags strewn across the city, denoting the various nationalities of the owners of the inns and shops across the main thoroughfare. However, this isn't the only spectacle before you; a small crowd has gathered in the square, around a woman tied to a stake. A well-dressed man in a powdered wig, wearing several large hats, is reading off a list of presumable grievances the woman has committed, which the growing crowd is getting agitated at.

    What will you do?

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    Intrigued by the spectacle, Diane is going to attempt to make out the man's words without getting too close and get drawn into the situation.

    Diane makes at Perception+Awareness roll and gets 4 successes.


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      Shining Topaz, clad in Hauberk, walks to the back of the crowd, mildly interested in what crimes the woman is accused of.

      (Per+Awareness= 7d10 -> 3sux)


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        Five Lessons Learned frowns as he sees the spectacle. Burning at the stake is gruesome, cruel. What did this woman do to preserve that particular fate? He had a feeling he wouldn't like the awnser. Slipping through the crowds with practiced ease he pushes himself to the front of the crowd, blending in with the rest.

        Though he has the charm I don't think he is using Easily Overlooked Presence here, as his presence will invaribly overlooked easily either way in this kind of situation. Should it be important he got 6 successes on a Manipulation+Larceny roll to blend in. I don't think he'd have to roll awareness from this close, but 4 successes should it be important.

        My Mage 2e Homebrew


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          (Trial scene)

          Lessons isn't noticed as he melts into the crowd. As the self-important man continues his tirade, Topaz and Diane both get an earful of the man as he continues rattling off crimes and transgressions.

          "--Petty theft, public indecency, and trade without a House License. Above all, these, though, her crimes include the intentional and direct sabotage of the Great Lighthouse that lights the way through the rocks of our fair harbor that both guard us from those landlubbers of Prassad, but also doom our ships not blessed by Lord Corvolo himself. How do you plead, Essen Meira?" he demands, pointing his quill accusatively at the woman, who is tied to a stake before him. Getting a closer look, you notice the woman is a fetching lass in her early twenties, with flowing blue curls, which Diane would note, possess brilliant blue circles flowing across her wild stormy mane. Her gown, once most likely quite lovely, has sadly been ripped and ruined quite thoroughly, presumably in her incarceration.

          "Please, Constable, the first three are crimes that many of the ladies here are guilty of. The only thing I've ever stolen were purses that people dropped at the pub, and even then, only those people left for a week. As per public indecency, the only one complaining about what little I offer are old crones who no longer get the happy gazes of young gents. As per trading without a House License, I'd hardly call what I offer, with my minor medicines and herbs to be a legitimate business, unless Goodie Halfmast ought to apply as well for being a midwife as well," she snaps," And as for sabotaging the Great Lighthouse, I did no such thing! Yes, I was there when the Constable's men discovered the damage, but I was trying to fend off the real attackers! Why would I, a native of this rock just as much as any of you, defile the Lghthouse? As Cobra is my witness, I swear I did no such thing!"

          "See? You see? She swears to a foreign, landlubber god!" The Constable fumes, as Essen tosses her mane irritably.

          "Well, if the Duke and the Tyrant, fat and happy, in Dhaam-Bel, did anything about us here in Flotsam, maybe I wouldn't need to pin my hopes on the WIll of Cobra, then," she counters.

          "I never! Well, Miss Meira, let's see how you, Cobra, and that damnable General Gorren deliver you from the pain of the Mirror! We, as the rightful and honorable agent of his nobility, the Duke, hereby sentence you, Ezzen Meira, to death by the Mirror," the constable spits, as a trio of men hoist large mirrors around the young woman.

          "Cobra, Sancutary to us, please," she whimpers, as the light of the sun is amplified by the mirrors. Already, the temperature and brightness is getting uncomfortable, although the crowd seems to be enjoying the sport of it.

          What will you all do?
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            Shining Topaz could run up there, free the woman who seems to have been sentenced to death without so much as a fact finding inquiry, and fight off all the guards.

            Instead she looks away.


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              When the first ray of light shone through the open porthole in Scholar's room, his eyes opened and he swung himself out of bed. He walked to the washing area and splashed water on his hands and face. He then put on his clean clothes, black slacks and white shirt, and made his way to the kitchen to prepare meals for the day. He remembered recipies for poached alimber eggs and bacon. He took his time and seasoned it just perfectly and then cooked a fanastic meal.

              Cook 1 + Intelligence 5 + Solar Craft Excellency 4 = 10 Dice using 4 motes 7 successes

              He then went to his quartermaster office to prepare to take orders for crew repairs. He always liked to be ready. When that was done, he went to the dining area and met most of the crew. He saw a server hand out the food he made, and got a plate for himself. He ate, and then went back to the quartermasters to deal with repairs. He repaired Angor's sword with his hands alone. He went on to fold and press cloth together to make clothes for Goron and Dalken as the two brothers got into a fight and shredded their last set of clothes. He also removed a dent in Dalken's armor from the last privateering mission.

              sword craft weaponsmith 5 + Intelligence 5 = 10 Dice 8 successes!
              7 10 9 9 4 8 2 8 4 8

              Clothes craft clothes 1 + Intelligence 5 +4 motes 10 Dice 5 successes!
              4 7 10 2 10 5 5 1 3 5

              Armor craft armor 1 + Intelligence 5 + 4 motes 10 Dice 6 successes!
              6 9 5 1 5 9 8 8 10 4

              It was quickly approaching mid morning. He had planned to perform an elemental summoning of a Tidemare, but he put it off. Captain Laughter would be putting into Flotsam and it would be a good idea to pick up supplies. He went back to his stores, in the cargo hold next to his warstrider Blood Venture, and quickly crafted four swords and two pieces of armor. He gives these to Laughter to sell for him. He strives for Exceptional Quality items. He also creates five golden figurines with gold from his stores. 3 sets of lockpicks and gives one out to the Night Caste and the others to Laughter to sell for him. He then goes to check out Flotsam.

              golden figurines craft artifact (creating a non magical artifact with gold if its ok) 5 + Intelligence 5 + 5 motes 15 Dice 6 successes!
              4 8 5 9 7 6 2 6 9 9 7 1 4 5 3

              Lockpicks craft artifact (Non magical) 5 + Intelligence 5 + 5 motes 15 Dice 6 successes!
              4 3 9 3 10 3 9 8 2 9 5 4 2 2 6

              While shopping for raw materials and ingredients he comes upon the woman tied to the stake. He almost misses the scene as he is somewhat myopic. He focuses on one thing at a time and misses a lot. Curious he walks in close listening to the girl's charges.


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                Laughter pushes his way through the front of the crowd, listening to the tale with a keen ear (activating Motive Discerning Technique to see if she's full of shit. If she is, she can burn for all he cares. The destruction of a lighthouse will get many a man killed. If not then turning on Thousand Courtesan Ways for more app and: )

                "Oi! Magistrate! How much for the slave?"


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                  Alright, I'm going to make an Introduce Fact roll to declare that Corvolo, King of Whales, is against executions. I assume that Diane having Corvolo as a mentor counts as "relevant backstory" Rolling my Int+Lore of 6, I get 3 sux.

                  Assuming that is sufficient, Diane will speak up, saying, "Wait! You must stop this travesty! You who claim to hold faith with Lord Corvolo do not follow his guidance, for did he not say, 'Do not kill, even for the greatest of crimes; instead, have those who falter work to atone for their crimes, for Lo, I say unto you; There is a tide to every porpoise under heaven!' "


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                    6 successes spent 3 motes on Excellency for MDT


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                      Scholar is quite the industrious quartermaster. He succeeds in his repair and crafting work, before going about his business. He succeeds in his errands, just in time to see Laughter begin haggling with the Constable.

                      (Trial Scene)

                      The Constable looks at the garish captain incredulously, before regaining his composure, and flatly stating, "Her crimes are quite grievous. Her asking price will not be cheap. However, if you can afford it, then, her crimes will be forgiven. The price for her is...Oh, Jenkins?"

                      A tall, angular-faced man in an impeccable buttoned uniform steps forward, looking over several vellum scripts, before raising a haughty nose," The asking price as set down by the Tyrant for Captial Criminals is two talents silver, or equivalent goods."

                      The Constable turns back to Laughter," You heard the man. If you want her, gods knows why, then pay the price."

                      (That amounts to a resources 2 expenditure, by the by)


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                        Scholar watches the woman speak, and he watches Laughter do what he had planned to do. He smiles and goes ahead with his plan. He walks up to the Constable and pulls out his golden figurines that he created that very morning. It's exceptional quality, for all of them should be obvious to all who look upon them.

                        "I would like to buy this woman. If you are only going to kill her, she is worthless to you. I will give you one of these for her," say's Scholar.


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                          "Ha! For that old maid? Just looking to give my crew something to entertain themselves with for a few weeks of travel. (Thus emphasizing her fate is going to _suck_) I'll give you one talent and save you some fire wood."


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                            (Trial Scene)

                            The Constable blinks at this increased interruption of a perfectly good public execution.

                            "Yes, Lord Corvolo may be against executions, but is not the porpoise who swims against the pack eaten by bear sharks? There are tides to every porpoise under Heaven, and while Lord Corvolo is a great god indeed, the Nation Father of Dhaam-Bel is Lord Aulus himself, one of the great trade gods of the East!"

                            The Constable then lazily waves to a small statue of a stern young man with scales in one hand and a pouch of coins in the other, with the placard declaring, :The Rule of Coin is Law."

                            "And while I do enjoy discussing theology, now isn;t really the best time, young lady, so if you don't mind, we shall continue the execution," he says, waving at his subordinates as they keep the mirrors aloft. Essen is now looking quite unwell, and small tufts of smoke can be seen wafting up from the stake.

                            (As per the Constable's intentions, he has a clear intimacy of fondness for Public Order, and a clear disdain for real and perceived vagrants, of which this woman is clearly one in his mind. He also has a very real nationalistic Zeal towards Dhaam-Bel and the Duke, which may be why such a single-minded man is in such a high level of authority. Judging from his intense gaze, he also may very well have fondness for the prisoner herself, although the rings on his left hand may suggest this is a forbidden longing, dare we say? Further information would require more focused questioning.)


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                              "Hey Constable. Don't damage the goods while that guy is trying to buy her. 's bad buisness." Lessons shouts. "Tyrant doesn't like it when someone ruins his payday." he says with a pointed look toward the mirrors.

                              Using Seasoned Criminal Method to look like he belongs here. Guess the constable himself may not count as a criminal, but this place sounds like its awash with them, so most of the people around him probably think he looks familiar/is part of the crew etc.

                              My Mage 2e Homebrew