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Recruitment for Vampire the Masquerade Camarilla New York By Night GAME

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  • Recruitment for Vampire the Masquerade Camarilla New York By Night GAME

    Greetings fellow Onyxians!

    I'm running a VtM Game in New York by Night setting. It's the year 1999 the City is under Camarilla control with a strong primogen setting brought back from Europe and other parts of America by Prince Michael Bright. Whom almost entirely stripped the State from Sabbat presence to focus their efforts against three major story lines: a) A werewolf stormed Staten Island kicking out a large anarch community mainly Brujah to mainland, most of their elders were destroyed and the younger ones seeked the Camarilla protection turning the Brujah clan to suddenly become the larger clan in the state. b) Nosferatu are being thrown out of the sewers by another shapeshifter threat, this time the Ananasi with a strange vampiric-like power set whom are trying to erradicate the ugly clan from the face of the state while another peril is preparing its way to return to full awakening deep under; and c) the inner political struggles and war against the Sword of Cain.

    The game is a psycological thriller, all characters are going to face their inner demons. It's heavily introspective game with profound study of the vampiric ontology. The style is a sandbox, no cliché or strict path for players to follow. You'll create you own story and go deep down within your own psyque.

    If this sounds appealing come here: