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  • West Sparrow heads towards the building with the tallest, biggest spires. He figures that it might be a palace, and the ruler would probably have had maps (or treasure) that could be helpful.


    • The biggest building is a single tower twice as big around as the others, it's top reaching above the water. The tower isn't round or square like most of the others, but appears to be a hexagram in cross section. Each floor is defined by an arched window, at least twice as tall as a man, located in the center of each section of wall, except for the top floor, where each point of the star is a balcony, each meeting in a wide archway at the hexagonal center of the tower, supporting the spire on delicate-looking arches. A spiral staircase in the center provides access to the interior of the tower. All of the towers windows appear to be intact, with a stained glass insert at the top of each window depicting a sunburst. The bottom of the tower remains shrouded by the darkness.
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      • "Hmmm....fancy!" West Sparrow thinks. He likes the look of the hexagram building, but his thief's instincts kick in. "Magic is probably afoot; what with how intact it is, while all around there are corals and other underwater things growing on the other buildings." Hmmm....he draws closer slowly, hoping that his new abilities will help him notice anything dangerous before he is caught in a trap.


        • Muttering to himself as he swims towards West Sparrow. These young kids and their rushing around. This is how things get broken before we know what's happening. "Slow down there this is a treasure we need to keep track of where everything is placed in case we need to know later."