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    Seeing her ticket out of here, she jumps at the opportunity, desperate to get out of whatever mess she's in. [Dexterity + Stealth + Willpower = 5 dice: 3 Successes]

    She then drives off, heading for her patient. [Wits + Drive = 4 dice: 1 Success]

    The car crash scene fading from view, she does a quick reality check. Why she didn't think to do one before alludes her. [Perception = 6 dice: 2 Successes]

    ((A reality check is a fundamental technique that all lucid dreamers do to determine whether they're awake or dreaming. There are all sorts of different ways to do this, from plugging your nose to see if you can breathe to looking at a clock twice to see if the time's completely changed. Whatever the method, the essence of the technique isn't so much as the actions in and of themselves, but rather raising awareness in one's perception and memory. The actions are merely tools to make the job easier, the actual job is asking yourself "Am I awake, or am I dreaming?" and focusing on your perception and memory to get the answer.

    Mechanically, a reality check uses the same dice pool as Perception, but it's used to determine whether or not the character is dreaming. Failure results in the character assuming they are awake even when they're dreaming.

    By the way, would she be heading north? Also, what time is it roughly? I know I asked before but I didn't get an answer, so I ask again.))


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      Originally posted by crapcarp View Post
      The car crash scene fading from view, she does a quick reality check. Why she didn't think to do one before alludes her. [Perception = 6 dice: 2 Successes]

      Elude, not allude.

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        "Wait," he interjects. "You can hear that too?" Turning to Talahan, or as much one can under these circumstances, sounding quite surprised to hear him say this.
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          -{OoC: It's almost afternoon, and you would be heading south, but there's a side route you can take to get back north again. }-


          You never get your answer as Talahan's men step forward. You and the girl are both pried apart, though it feels more like someone is trying to rip your brain from your skull. As the both of you are separated, the woman screeches, kicks and acts like a maniac, leaking what amounts to clear water now; her nails try to gouge deep into the officers. Her voice is reverberating and tinny in your head, and your knees are weak — you are completely helpless to resist being manhandled. The men know this, and they slap a pair of cuffs on you as you are herded into one cruiser. The woman is herded into another, and it's only when the door slams do you feel the pain in your head stop.


          You're definitely not dreaming. Everything that just happened is terrifyingly, horrifyingly real, even if it belongs more in some twisted dreamscape. No one is following you or tailing you, thankfully; you are free to continue on to your desperate patient.

          ~ SCENE CHANGE ~

          Piero and Talahan:

          The pain in your head has faded, but you still feel weak and dizzy. The cruiser with the woman has disappeared, and the Talahan man is sitting in front of you in the passenger's seat. This isn't like any cruiser you've seen before; the inside is outfitted with several small screens, the police cage is made of thicker material, and the doors are armoured from the inside. It looks as much like a moving prison cell as it does a car, but you wouldn't be able to tell from the outside — the windows are terribly tinted. One might wonder if the level of darkening they have is even legal.


          You're not sure how long you've been wandering but it's fair to say that you're in the middle of nowhere. The forest has given way to open plain, a small waterhole the only break in a sea of sky and grass. The sun now indicates it's almost afternoon (if not afternoon already), and birds chirp merrily in the distance. No one is following you, but there's a coyote drinking from the waterhole. It looks up, and gives you a wary glance before running away.


          After looping back around off a southbound route, you finally reach your destination. There is a car in the driveway, and chickens cluck around and behind it. A figure waits in a kitchen window, only to flit towards the door as soon as it sees your car. That must be the mother of the trobuled girl.


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            Vincent looks at his watch to see exactly how long it's been (he was watching CNN during the incident, which has a timer ticker). If less than two hours have passed he sets up a small camp (6d10.hitsopen(8,9)=3) to make himself comfortable. If more than two hours has passed he begins to head back towards the road, stealthily (6d10.hitsopen(8,10)=4).

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              Getting out of the car, Eulalia does another reality check. [Perception = 6 dice: 1 Success]

              While she knows for a fact that she's awake and experiencing reality at the moment, the events from before have shaken her to the point that she's only barely sure. It doesn't help that her sleep schedule was interrupted, so she's a little fatigued as a result. Good news is that she'll have time to sleep after she's had a session with her patient.

              "Hello, I'm Eulalia Bonner, I'm here to see your daughter," she greets the mother as professionally as she can currently muster, "Sorry I'm late, there was an unusual amount of traffic and a car crash on the road. I hope I haven't made you too worried."


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                He sits there, staring at his handcuffs, thinking, well, isn't this a fine mess you've gotten me into... His eyes, now meeting Talahan's for the first time, slowly adjusts to the lighting. "Is all this really necessary?" He sighs.
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                  As the men shove piero into the car Talahan gets his cellphone from his jacket and press speed dial it does not take two ring before someone answer

                  "This Talahan the ENE has been captured, it opposed some resitance but nothing serious three bystander involved two man and one woman. One man escaped on foot and is considered armed and dangerous and on the run the other one is in custody and the woman departed by car request class 3 manhunt use extreme non lethal force to capture the subjets" he hangs up after getthing an answer and gets in the cruiser.

                  (Talahan calls upon is backup in TFV to find Eulalia and Vincent using info from the driver and possible plate number from Eulalia's car)

                  Inside the cruiser Talahan observe Piero and goes through his wallet before answering "I'm afraid it is, you have been into contact with a dangerous chemical compound that can affect you brain and state of mind, it should pass in a few hours and it should not leave any after effects but for now I am not taking any chances."
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