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  • OOC [Vampire, Dark Ages] The Last Crusade

    This will be a Vampire RP set in the dark ages in the fictional city of Juldonan. The city's kindred are heavily locked under the vice like grip of the Lancea Sanctum, as it is a time in which the Catholic church religion hold great influence over the mortals. But it is also an age in which the church is about to lose much of its influence, people are starting to grow troubled by the church's ability to launch a full scale crusade on those they view as blasphemers and heretics, and the inquisition doesn't exactly sit well with them either. People are starting to lose faith in the church, and likewise so are the Kindred. The mortals call it a time for reformation, the Kindred call it a time of revolution, somebody needs to dethrone the Sanctified before they purge the other covenants entirely from their city.

    The political power for Juldonan will be as follows.

    Lancea Sanctum - 78% of the Kindred population.

    Invictus - 8% of the Kindred population

    Carthians - 6% of the Kindred population

    Ordo Dracul - 5% of the Kindred population.

    Circle of the Crone - 3% of the Kindred population

    The Lancea Sanctum has amassed such power by forcing the rest of the kindred population to fall in line. All it takes is one word from them, and the inquisition will be kicking down your door, burning you at the stake. But with their power starting to wane, the other covenants are slowly gaining more ground and the freedom to operate. The Sanctified will soon be face with a choice, either reform their policies to better appease the uneasy masses, or face open warfare with the angry mobs.

    The Lancea Sanctum has the manpower to wipe out any of the other covenants easily, but are hesitant to do so. Reacting with brute force will only compound the fears of the people and possibly do more harm than good. But is such a reaction worth it, can they afford to play nice in this troubling time? Without the church's strict supervision, the city's kindred could turn to the heretical teachings of the Dragons or worse, join the Pagans in their foul witchcraft. The Invictus have begun to spread their influence to the city's noble houses, hoping to sway the political agenda to their side with rigged votes and passing of new laws. The free thinking ideals of the Carthians are just as dangerous, their protests about freedom of religion and equality is most troubling to the church who has spent a great deal of resources ensuring the people do not question their authority.

    You are a Fledgling, newly embraced into the kindred society, you have not yet chosen a side in this conflict. That makes you a high valued target, for your allegiance may very well determine the outcome of this situation. In a time where social reforms are on the rise, your elders will be watching you most carefully, determining which decisions the youths of the city find appealing, and which ones they seek to avoid. Not trying to put any pressure on you, but your actions in the coming nights may change the course of Kindred society!
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    Well this RP's a bust. So shutting it down.