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[OOC] Rage Across the Delaware Valley- Werewolf: the Apocalypse

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  • [OOC] Rage Across the Delaware Valley- Werewolf: the Apocalypse

    Character Creation

    Herein are the rules for Character Creation. As the ST, I, of course, retain the right to modify these at any time at need to make the game more fun for us all. We will primarily be using the W20 ruleset, but if there is a particular rite or gift or whatever that you seek to draw from an older source, feel free to ask. The following post will include a template for the character sheet; please use it. It makes my life much easier if I can easily reference the character stats in the same format for everyone. In that same post, I will reserve space for each individual character sheet to be stored. These will be the official copies of your character sheets. They will always be right here, on page 1 of the thread, for easy reference.

    Also, please feel free to make suggestions to improve the character sheet template, if you feel I’ve left anything out.

    You will notice that this means all of you can see the other’s character sheets. This is intentional. I believe the best, and longest lasting, RPGs are those where the players work cooperatively, not competitively. While there may be some rare aspects of a character’s information that should be kept secret for dramatic reasons, this is not usually the case. If there is any part of your character sheet that you feel should be kept hidden from your fellow players, PM me and make your case. I am always open to discussion.

    Please remember also that I am, as I have stated, a very hands-on ST. Please consider your character sheets to be first drafts for us to work on together.

    Step One: Character Concept

    We have already discussed our concepts at length, and I see no need to further belabor the point. Step one is complete! See? We’re further along than you thought.

    Step Two: Attributes

    We will be using the standard 7/5/3 split among attributes, with each character starting with 1 in each attribute. Remember that a rating of 2 is considered the human average! Ratings of 2-4 will not elicit special comment from me, provided they are not directly contradicted by your character’s history. A rating of 1 or 5, however, will need to be justified. None of the characters seem to be so deficient in any area that a rating of 1 would be justified, but if you think it is appropriate for your character, make your case. A rating of 5 is more easily understood for some traits for some of these characters, but I would still like to know your justification for placing your character at the pinnacle of human attributes at character creation. Also, remember to choose a specialty for every attribute rated above 4 dots. Custom specialties are welcome, subject to my approval!

    Step Three: Abilities

    Once again, standard 13/9/5 spread. However, know that I pay much closer attention to abilities. There should be something in your background to justify each ability on some level or another. Remember also the three dot limitation on starting abilities. This can be raised higher with freebie points; however, there should be a good justification for raising an ability to 4 at character creation. Ratings of 5 are generally off-limits to starting characters- there would have to be a phenomenally good explanation for why your character is, as a cub, considered one of the world’s greatest experts in their field. I am slightly more lenient with Talents than I am with Skills and Knowledges, but not by much. Remember also to choose a specialty for any ability rated 4 or higher, or for any ability which requires a specialty at any level, such as Crafts or Science. Remember also the Lupus starting ability restrictions.

    A few minor house rules- first, I treat Expression the same ways as Academics, Crafts or Science are treated in W20. A specialty must be chosen as soon as the ability is purchased.

    Kailindo, Klaiveskar, Iksakku and other similarly esoteric abilities are off-limits at character creation. Finding a mentor for these abilities (or specialties) later is certainly possible, but these disciplines are not taught to cubs in my setting.

    All Lupus characters must purchase at least one dot of Primal Urge, to represent their lives as wolves.

    All Metis characters must purchase at least one dot of Rituals, to represent their upbringing within Garou society (unless their backstory precludes this for some reason).

    Any character that takes one or more levels in Rituals will start with knowledge of one or more appropriate Rites, chosen by me, for free. This is above and beyond any rites gained from the Rites background.

    Remember that your choices in abilities represent the sum total of your character’s skills, talents and knowledge as of their First Change. I encourage you to keep this in mind and create well rounded individuals. The Hobby Talent, Professional Skill and Expert Knowledge abilities are all excellent ways to model this, but even the standard abilities involve a lot of ways to express your characters’ unique interests and training.

    Step Four: Advantages


    As normal, each character will begin with five dots of backgrounds. These can be raised as high as five with no restrictions, beyond the need to justify any levels in any background in your character’s history.

    We will not be using pooled backgrounds (except for totems, of course).

    Backgrounds may not be raised with experience- they can only be gained (and lost) through play. The exception is Totem, which may be increased at a cost of 3 xp per dot.

    Fate: We will not be using the Fate background in this game.

    Fetish: Talens and low level fetishes are acceptable, within reason and subject to my approval. However, cubs are not entrusted with level 4 or 5 fetishes, nor will any character begin play with a Klaive or tribal signature weapon such as a Labrys or Jarlhammer. I may make an exception if they are an integral part of the character history, but even then I would prefer not.

    Kinfolk: Characters do not necessarily have to spend dots to represent kinfolk of their immediate family if those family members are covered in the backstory. However, spending the points makes it more likely for said kinfolk to be both available and useful to the character. Especially useful kinfolk, immediate family or no, should instead be purchased as Allies or Contacts.

    Mentor: Any mentor should be a part of the backstory. Ratings in the mentor background can be flexible. For example, a Rank 5 mentor that is rarely available and often busy or away would cost fewer dots than normal.

    Pure Breed: Bear in mind the purity of your character’s lineage when purchasing this trait, as per your backstory. Remember that Pure Breed is tribe-specific. I warn you now, I am extremely critical of high levels of Pure Breed unless it is a vital part of the backstory.

    Resources: Be sure to consider the source of your character’s resources when making a selection; it is hard to keep a steady job and be a member of a globe-trotting Garou pack.

    Rites: I reserve the right to approve all rite selections. Certain high level rites, such as the Rite of Caern Building, are simply not taught to cubs. This is especially true of tribe-specific rites.

    Totem: Every character must purchase at least one dot of Totem at character creation, to represent basic ties to the pack. The more dots spent collectively, the more powerful the totem will be. The totem will be chosen after the rite of passage. Unlike other backgrounds, the Totem background is not limited to five dots. It may be raised as much as the player desires and can afford (within reason). Personal totems are not permitted at character creation, though I am not totally opposed to the idea of them coming up later as the result of a suitable quest.

    Pack Status: We will not be using the Pack Status background.

    Sept Standing: We will not be using the Sept Standing background.

    I am open to certain other backgrounds from older sources, within reason. If there is a background from a revised source that was not translated to W20, but which you feel is necessary or appropriate for your character, feel free to run it by me.

    Regarding tribal restrictions on backgrounds, I have my own ideas about those (if you’re curious about my rationale, feel free to ask):

    Black Furies: No Restrictions

    Bone Gnawers: Pure Breed is restricted; Resources is discouraged

    Children of Gaia: No Restrictions

    Fianna: No Restrictions

    Get of Fenris: No Restrictions

    Glass Walkers: Pure Breed and Ancestors are discouraged

    Red Talons: Resources is discouraged; Kinfolk may only be wolves; Allies and Contacts are almost never humans

    Shadow Lords: No Restrictions

    Silent Striders: Ancestors is restricted (and no getting around it with funny merits, either)

    Silver Fangs: Minimum Pure Breed 3

    Stargazers: No Restrictions

    Uktena: No Restrictions

    Wendigo: No Restrictions


    The following Level One gifts have relevant House Rules:

    Smell of Man: Effect can be suppressed for a scene by spending a Willpower point.

    Open Seal: When used against something sealed with magic, the difficulty may be increased above that of the local Gauntlet rating at the discretion of the ST, in addition to requiring the expenditure of a Gnosis point.

    Spirit Speech: Totem Spirits, Incarnae, Celestines, Ancestor Spirits and others with frequent dealings with the Garou may make themselves understood even in the absence of this gift, if they so desire. However, anyone attempting to influence or negotiate with spirits who does not possess this gift increases all difficulties involved by three; the only exception to this rule is Garou ancestor spirits, who are perfectly comfortable conversing in the Garou tongue.

    Man’s Skin: Ugh. Seriously, whoever stuck this in the Black Fury gifts deserves to be drawn and quartered. This gift is now called “Gender Swap,” and it is a Ragabash gift, NOT a Black Fury gift.

    Aura of Confidence: The effects of this gift can be suppressed for a scene by spending a Willpower point.

    Camouflage: The effects of this gift can be suppressed at will.

    And here are two “new” level one gifts:

    Sense Weaver: This gift functions exactly as Sense Wyrm, except that it detects emanations of the Weaver. It is considered “In Breed/Auspice/Tribe” for Homids, Theurges and Glass Walkers.

    Sense Wyld: This gift functions exactly as Sense Wyrm, except that it detects emanations of the Wyld. It is considered “In Breed/Auspice/Tribe” for Lupus, Theurges, Black Furies and Red Talons.

    Gifts from other sources may be acceptable; just run them by me first. Some may require some tweaking for balance.


    I’m not going to house rule individual rites at this time, except for one: the Rite of Talisman Dedication does not exist. In brief, when it is dramatically appropriate for a werewolf to shred clothing and such when shifting forms, it will happen. When it is not dramatically appropriate for a werewolf to shred clothing and such when shifting forms, it will not happen. I can’t be bothered to keep track of what is and is not dedicated, and since the number of dedicated objects is limited, your characters would all start to smell pretty bad wearing the same underwear every day.

    Rank & Renown

    All characters will start at Rank 1, with the appropriate permanent renown for their Auspice. Ragabash may assign their three dots of starting renown at will.

    Step Five: Finishing Touches


    We will be using the optional Nature/Demeanor rules. I am definitely open to custom natures and demeanors, or natures and demeanors from other sources, within reason.

    Tribal Weaknesses

    We will not be using tribal weaknesses. However, if you want to choose a flaw, or create a custom flaw, that reflects your traditional tribal weakness, I am totally open to that.

    Metis Deformities

    Besides those listed in the various books, I am absolutely open to designing with you custom deformities for metis characters.


    Starting Rage is based on Auspice. There is no limit to how high a character may raise their Rage with freebies, but remember that high Rage can have unfortunate consequences.


    Starting Willpower is based on Tribe. Willpower may not be raised higher than 8 at character creation through the use of freebie points under any circumstances.


    Starting Gnosis is based on Breed. Gnosis may not be raised higher than 8 at character creation through the use of freebie points under any circumstances.he more powerful the totem will be. The totem will be chosen after the rite of passage. Unlike other bacific rites.
    l to the

    Freebie Points

    Freebie points may be spent as per the costs on the chart, subject to restrictions noted in the sections above.

    Merits & Flaws

    Characters may purchase as many merits as they can afford, subject to ST approval. Characters may only take up to 7 points worth of flaws, receiving additional freebie points for them as usual. Merits and flaws from other sources (especially tribebooks and Rage Across the Heavens) may be acceptable with my approval, though some may need to be tweaked for balance (especially the ones from tribebooks and Rage Across the Heavens).

    Don’t be afraid to work with me on custom merits and flaws.

    Remember, all flaws MUST BE ROLEPLAYED. I will enforce this requirement strictly, so do not choose a flaw simply for the points, expecting me to ignore it. You have been warned.

    The following Merits and Flaws from W20 have relevant house rules:

    Common Sense: This merit is not in use.

    Calm Heart: The increased difficulty only involves rage rolls to specifically determine whether a character enters frenzy. Intentional rage rolls, such as to activate gifts or to survive incapacitating wounds, are not affected. This means that rage rolls from those sources may cause frenzy normally, despite a calm heart.

    Untamable: This merit costs 7 points.

    Nightmares: Seriously, you’re going to roll every time you wake up. I will enforce it.

    Driving Goal: I am very careful with this one, as it can easily derail a chronicle.

    Dark Secret: Obviously, the nature of the Dark Secret is one of those things that we should discuss in PM.

    Mark of the Predator: A garou with this flaw may not take the gift “Smell of Man.” They may take “Beast Speech,” but I’m not sure why they’d want to. Other gifts that affect animal behavior will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

    Dark Fate: This flaw is not being used. Remember, I intend to run this game straight through to the Apocalypse. The entire world has a Dark Fate in store. ;-)

  • Al-Haleem
    Don't worry Bashir, numbers aren't a problem, but it'll probably take a while to get started anyway, so I'll see if we can snag another player. I'm not 100% sure if James is still around, so we may need two...Hmmm. Anyway, I'll edit this post later to add in a link to the OOC thread for the (tentative) new game!

    EDIT: Although it's hard to miss, here's the link to the OOC thread for the new game -
    Last edited by Al-Haleem; 05-19-2015, 05:00 AM.

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  • Stir of Echoes
    I'm cool with adding new people.

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  • Evilmarmelade
    Sure, I'd be okay with a new player.

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  • Rall Bashir
    A week from Friday I will be flying to the US, staying for three months. Things are chaotic for me up until then. If people want to get started, I can bow out, make room for others.

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  • Al-Haleem
    I was gonna ask you guys what you think. I thought we could use an extra player, but it'd probably take a while to get their character sheet worked out. If you're all okay with that, I could pop over to the recruitment thread and see if anyone's interested.

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  • Stir of Echoes
    Just out of curiosity, will you be allowing new people, too?

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  • Evilmarmelade
    I'll be away on a LARP this weekend, and won't be able to answer until Monday, most likely. But I'm still down for playing.

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  • Al-Haleem
    Bashir, do you WANT me to have an aneurysm? Jon's great, but he could always be a Ragabash, if you'd like. Anything really. Just not the horror you suggested. Please.

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  • Rall Bashir
    In three weeks, I'll be moving to the US for three months, just to hang out. But I suppose I could play Jon again. Granted doubling Galliard duty at this stage may be pointless.

    So, I'll write up my Ajaba Daughter of Cacophony abomination with paradox spirit heritage and access to three dots in the Time and Prime spheres...

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  • Al-Haleem
    Sweet stuff guys. I'm glad you wanna use your characters again, because I really like them all. I'll give James a day to respond, then I'll create a OOC post for the setting I have in mind, and I'll link you to it.

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  • Stir of Echoes
    Count me interested. If I go with Echoes again, I'd like to make a few changes to make her gel better with the group.

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  • Rall Bashir
    Sounds tempting...

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  • Al-Haleem
    Feel free to just use Geoff, I mean hell, he's your character. It can be like an 'alternate reality' or something. Glad to see you're interested Flo, let's see if anyone else bites, and I'll start setting things up.

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  • Evilmarmelade
    Yeah, I'd be up for it. Maybe I'll recreate Geoff for your setting, I'm not sure, or maybe I'll create another Garou, but yeah, that'd be swell.

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