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Changeling the Lost: Unseen Costs (OOC)

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    I'm a Chiurgeon, our whole thing is putting people back together with paperclips and bubblegum!

    "The Chiiurgeon can use the humblest tools well, and never suffers a penalty for poor equipment so long as at least something can be jury-rigged as a medical tool."

    And on review, I also get 9-again Medicine. Pity I also get 9-again Dexterity, and they don't stack.

    We got a bleeder! (7d10.hitsopen(8,9)=3)

    Aced it. Ghoul girl here, savin' lives!

    AT: the light on the bridge is Mal's flashlight, indicating the car that's precariously perched on the precipice of peril. So, technically on it, because she's indicating the side.
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      ...Right. Nix the additional penalty.


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        Alright, this godforsaken dust cloud is getting to be a massive pain in the ass. Y'know what keeps dust down? Rain. Hopefully we can spare a few minutes before anybody dies horribly.

        Spending 1 WP, 1 Glamour. Make it rain! (10d10.hitsopen(8,10)=4)


        No, seriously, make with the rain! (7d10.hitsopen(8,10)=2)

        So it takes ten minutes 1 glamour and 1 WP, but that should keep the kid from horking up blood-flecked concrete dust.

        That's right, we just found a stunningly practical use for Eternal Spring 2.

        The fae song in question, of course.


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          Erm... while you start singing, the baby's health visibly fades. If left in the cloud, it won't last ten minutes. Neither, if you're any judge, will the mother; she's still bleeding, if more slowly, and there are internal injuries there as well.
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            Well now, things are a fair bit more desperate than I thought! Presumably the inside of the car is a dusty hellhole just as much as the outside, given that the windows are blown out...

            The other cars about - the one that performed the T-boning and the one that's about to go over the bridge - are they fairly sealed against the concrete sandstorm?

            If no, how far to the edge of the maelstrom? Do I think I can make it on foot before this baby dies an ignoble death?
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              You can make it to the edge of the dust cloud, certainly. Some of the cars might be a *bit* better protected than out in the open, but by opening the doors to get in, you'd let the dust in.


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                Alright, haul the kid out, but first, let's do a little Laying On Hands on the mother, so she doesn't bleed out while I'm saving the baby. Eternal Spring 3 is an instant action, I can do it and then move.

                Be HEALED! 1 glamour, 2 WP spent. (11d10.hitsopen(9,10)=3)

                Rather unimpressive, but what the hell? I'm focusing on downgrading her last three Lethal wounds to Bashing, Cost recorded on sheet.


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                  Question - why do you say "two willpower spent?" The contract only costs one WP, and you can only spend one WP a round.

                  And that roll's far from unimpressive. counting the 8s, 9s, and 10s up it's an exceptional success.


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                    Ah, I'd forgotten that. I spent another for bonus dice, so snip the last three, which means I lose a success.

                    But thankfully (?) I also putzed up the code (9, 10 rather than 8, 10) so I've still got four successes left! So yeah, 4 lethal downgraded to bashing.
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                      Also, AT? Any time you're ready. Whether or not you get that car off the ledge, we're gonna need somebody to bodily pull these doors off. I'm not hauling this woman through a window, stabilized or no.


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                        Hello - sorry for the absence.
                        As far as the account goes, I have created an account twice, but I am not allowed to login in until I confirm an email sent to me... which never arrived both times I set up the account.


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                 success on perception check. I am not really sure how to convey much else in prose right now... can the perception check give me a little insight into what is going on around Freddy?


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                            You checked your spam folder?


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                              yup. I signed up again yesterday and I still have no email activation link, checked my spam folder and found nothing.


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                                I am also not receiving an email