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[IC] Fractown: A V:tM/W:tA crossover

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    November 11th: Noon-ish
    Sabina fiddles with her hands for a moment caught at an impasse before her eyes settled on the deadly smooth movement as he moves away from door. She gets out “of course, They’ll get your message” as the moment passes. He turns, walking off the porch and returns to the car. She stand quietly in the front room feeling oddly gutted of her good mood. The only victory to be found is the cockroach she crushed under her shoe as she finishes preparing the house.
    November 11th 6pm
    Erin awakes to a low murmur of a television somewhere in the house, the room is pitch black save for lamp light that slips under a closed door. Erin sits up rolling the rigamortis out of their shoulders, flips the lights on and goes through their steps of getting ready for the night. Hygiene, hair, clothing, then shoes. Erin does a double take as they slip their shoes on, suddenly aware that they had been checking for themself in the long mirror on the wall. Their reflection left them along with their heartbeat but it was a habit that never seemed to leave them, after a moment of indecision they slowly approach the mirror and push their finger to the glass surface. Erin’s lack of skin oils makes the mark unseeable to anyone save their own mind’s eye but they still quirk a smile at the imagined smiley face that they leave.
    Sabina is sitting on the couch watching the tv with her laptop next to her when Erin enters the room. Erin gives her a clipped nod as they move to the center of the room and wait. Sabina stands and quickly circles around them checking every detail, the underarm of their shirt, the state of their hair, every last detail. A small smile is present on Erin face when Sabina comes around to their front again.
    “Everything is good to go!” Sabina returns the smile with warmth. “You want makeup?”
    Erin shakes their head, “not tonight”
    It was only a little later that Erin noticed Sabina was upset, she struggled to pay attention, and moved like she was trying to avoid awakening a sleeping giant.
    “Sabina is something the matter?”
    She jolted, head snapping up to meet Erin’s eyes.
    “I’m afraid I completely forgot to give you something that was dropped by earlier” The words were at odds with her intent expression. Erin went with their instinct
    “Very well, give it here then.” Sabina handed them an envelope with a familiar Justicar seal upon it, the seal was broken, an infraction. An infraction done.. quite on purpose. Erin glanced at Sabina’s face that seem to plead at them, before they pulled the contents out. Hidden within the letter a note in Sabina’s writing ‘the messenger who brought this also bugged the house, with wired cockroaches.’ Erin read the note and then read the letter before tucking them both back into the envelope and handing it back to Sabina.

    “You know what to do this this. Take care of preparations, I will be attending tomorrow.”
    Sabina nodded, taking the note.
    “and we will walk in 10 minutes.”
    “Of course.”
    They exited the house and locked up, the night was quiet only broken by distance traffic.
    But Erin thoughts were on the letter...
    [speaking of which was their anything besides an invitation and direction for the meeting?]